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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 23, 2007 05:54 Flag

    Why Jose Mourinho is BAD news for England

    Lets be honest here which would England fans prefer:

    An England team that plays like Brazil but unlike them wins bugger all, or...........

    An England team that plays like Germany and wins the world cup?

    At the moment of course we have neither an entertaining team or a winning one. What we need at the moment is an England team that can win matches, once they start doing that then they can start thinking about playing nice football. And if it takes a Mourinho like manager playing boring football to get England started again then so be it.

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    • You're right in that results matter more than prettiness. Ask Alex Ferguson.

      However, I don't believe it is so black and white. Chelsea's reputation as boring under Mourinho and exciting under Grant is the current fashion, but too simplistic. In the two years they won the league the most boring thing about them was the predictability of their winning, and I'll settle for that. They scored plenty of goals and plenty of spectacular goals. They hardly let in anything. Perhaps that was boring to others, but it wasn't to Chelsea fans.

      If you have another manager available for England who has a track record of winning the biggest trophies, never loses at home, puts on winning runs of 10, 15, 20 games or more, and turns players into winners, bring him on. And if he is as witty as Eric Cantona, as entertainingly bumptious as Brian Clough, and as seat-wettingly-gorgeous for the ladies as George Clooney then I'll eat my goal-post.

      If we put Mourinho in charge we'd sack him in three years for a change of scenery. In the meantime we'd go on the most entertaining rollercoster and who knows, we might even win the world cup.


    • Fuck all this England talk, all i want is 3 points against Bolton on Saturday.