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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2007 22:03 Flag

    "Englands I.Q. up If Scots get independence"


    Broken Sailor, you've gone to far this time and a DISGRACE to all sensible Man United supporters.

    What an ignorant view to behold.

    ALL Scots INCLUDING Fergie deserve an apology from you. I hope you will retract your ill-informed drivel and apologise IMMEDIATELY. What a fool!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I am not apologising to you Lester as you as well as Drunken(if you are not the same person) have attacked me.

      I have no problem with true fans it's the fickle fans that I can't stand.

      Yes I do want my team to do well and I am disappointed when they don't but as I said before our expectations are not as high as Man U's are. Also don't tell me that when kids were young that they didn't support Man U because they win trophies and they could live else where out of London.

      People support West Ham because they have been brought up that way or they like them because of the style of football they play.

      As I said as well that I do believe that their are true Man U fans and I do know some even those that live in Scotland but it's the ones that only support them when they are winning that I can't stand. That is a Glory Hunter.

    • Johnny...put the pr*t on ignore...he or she, i'm not sure which, will be gone forever then. We know who you are ,and you are!, who cares who he/she is. It is goading you under a false ID....oh dont bother replying to me idiot fake sailor..., I already have you on ignore so I don't care.

    • You're just a thick jock, over here with the big boys, and way out of your depth.

      Now fuck off and stop crying.

    • Much cleverer than you rascist.

      You are no football fan. You are despicable and rude.

      You are an embarrassment to who you supposedly support. Keep posting idiot because I don't care what you say about me. For I know at least that I am a decent person unlike yourself.

      I don't get anyone to do my dirty work for me but those who come to our site know I am a decent person unlike yourself. You and the other fake i.d'ers have spoilt this board for the true Man U fans. Least I stay under my own i.d and don't hide away.

    • That's funny, are you jocks claiming you're a race now?

      Make that a 20 point rise in IQ when you lot fuck off.

    • Firstly
      To those who think it's such a funny thing to go to other boards and behave like a 3 year old:-
      Apart from the obvious side effect that everyone else has to then endure, it makes you look like an utter tit. What's more, if you wait for intellectual titans like clampet to turn up here you can abuse them at will.

      (yes I know they started it, thats the point).

      I have never understood the meaning of Glory Hunter, other than a jibe at other fans who have had the fortune to have picked a more successful club than themselves. Dont you want West Ham to be covered in Glory ?, or do you prefer just being an embarrassment to proper hammers who think this vile fixation with Man United belittles their own club and identity ?. Is everyone who supports any of the big 4 who didnt have a grandad on the cop, north bank, shed or stretford end to be considered a Glory Hunter ?. As anyone who has lived in the east end will testify, you are out numbered 10-1 in your own backyard by gooners, go have a pop at them.

      Please answer my question about the dutch hammers I met . Are they welcome additions to the culture of Upton Park, or can I tell them they arent welcome in the East End and they should get a flight up to MIA if they want to be made welcome, next time I see them.

    • What a fucking joke, bertmerrrries, the biggest racist cunt on this board, calling himself one of the 'good guys'.

      Fuck off back to the Arsehole board you piece of racist shit!

      Johnny 'Jock' Boy is really funny, you can tell when you've hit a nerve with that twat, as much as he tries to hide his IQ, or lack of it, then he gets racist bert to come over here and stick up for him.

    • Why should I. Are you going to ask Back A to stop being a racist pig?

      You know what I mean't by real fans. Not ones that just support Man U because they win thing's.

    • So is JohnnyBoy going to come back and apologise for ranting and raving, and more importantly answer my united supporting dutch grannies query ?.
      probably not.

    • And Fletcher as well. Obviously sailor is not a true Man U fan to insult one of the best managers in the world. Does that mean Fergie will need to leave and return to Scotland.