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  • viwer viwer Dec 9, 2007 20:14 Flag

    New England Manager Pantomime

    Todays papers full of nonsense about potential candidates -
    Face the fact no-one of any credibiltity will touch it - Mourhino, O'Neill etc.....

    (I heard Roy Hodgson's name is now in - for F*** Sake!)

    This will end up as one long sad embarrassing joke

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    • Got a twist on this one now Maureen has turned down the job. Posted it on the Chelsea board, but its a bit quiet over there.

      With Jose not taking the England job, what impact does this have on the Chelsea squad, and there ability to challenge going forward? When Jose left, a lot of people thought we'd see a major exodus of players at the first opportunity. Looks like Grant has got things under control, but if Joes does go to a major European Club like Milan or Barca, will some players follow him?

      Could Drogba, Lampard, or even Terry end up in La Liga or Serie A? What about other players? If this happened, while Roman has plenty of money for replacements, what does this do to Chelsea's longer term viability as a top 4 club?

    • Benitez might be available after tonight :-)

    • In the last few hours it seems as though Capello is the cert to be nominated.

      Absolutely nothing against the man - good record and seems a decent man....but he is raw meat for the press - "Foreigner with glasses" something to get their teeth into.. shameless!

      BTW What about Terry Butcher? .. he is out of a job today surely he should be interviewed

    • Even funnier is Paul Ince`s claim that the job should go to either Hoddle or Venables cause they are `world class` managers. Not only are neither `world class` but both have had their chance and failed and in case he has forgotten Venables was McClaren`s assistant and a pretty poor job he made of that.

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      • i accept that as part of the McLaren setup, venables has to take some of the blame, and there is enough to go around for a whole management hierarchy.
        But he did do a good job IMHO when he had the job, and was ridiculously sacked.
        Hoddle ?!, FFS. Anyone who publicly blames their own players as they duck the criticism is an arse. There cant be an English player in the country who would trust him an inch.