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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 10, 2007 17:44 Flag

    Are there any honest United fans?

    Yes, there was contact. But the contact was deliberately initiated by Ronaldo by putting his foot out. Just because there is contact between an attacker and a defender in the penalty area, and the attacker goes down, doesn't make it a penalty.

    To a neutral, the contact was as deliberate as Eboue's putting his leg out against the Middlesbrough player, when he should have had his second straight red card.


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    • Well, if he didn't make the contact and try to avoid him, he would be booked again, just as last week.

      So what can he really do?

      Get booked or get a contact indeed? Prob. everyone is telling him after the yellow card to make sure you get contact first, then it's up to the ref to call or not. At least he cannot book you.