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  • Tim Tim Dec 10, 2007 01:54 Flag

    Are there any honest United fans?

    I've just been on another United board (one which is not plagued by the windup merchants and overly-biased rivals we get on here) and not one out of 50 or so posters thought it was a penalty. This board just brings out the worst in people as you can't be as honst as you can with fellow fans with all the haters lurking around, it means you have to be constantly on the defensive.

    The only thing that makes it such a controversial subject is the player involved. As you say, the players you mentioned get these kinds of decisions going their way week in week out, but you don't get the kind of uproar you do when it's Ronaldo drawing an easy foul in the area and going down as a result. I think envy (on the part of rival fans) has a big part to play in it all, to be honest.

    It's just annoying when you've been defending him for the dive that never was and the penalty that should have been all week to then see him taking a tumble after the slightest touch (yes, there was contact) yesterday.

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    • Spot o Tim. Of course the consistently hypocritical Robert will not acknowledge this point. Last week Ronaldo should of had a penalty and is accused of diving when he clearly didn't. This week he's involved in a contentious penalty decision and of course there is outrage again, simple because its him, the league finest player. The way I see it is you can condemn diving all you want, but the guy can't win, you lot will single him out regardless, so United fans have to get behind him. No one condones diving, but then no one rants and raves about Joe Cole, Drogba, Eboue, Sagna and Gerrard doing it all the time, so f*ck the lot of you hypocrites!

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      • I totally agree with Tim and Roon.
        Last week's 'diving' decision was a joke and 'being Ronaldo' got him booked. Yesterday's pen on the other hand was 'soft' in the extreme.He clearly left his foot in to get the contact. If another team's player had done it I would have been angry. But top class players do this all the time and Ronaldo is no worse than anybody else. Over the season it definitely evens itself up.
        I only hope he gets the opportunity to do it in the CL final in the 95th minute at 3-3 against Milan.