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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 10, 2007 12:19 Flag

    Are there any honest United fans?

    With the benefit of the replays: It was not a penalty, Ronaldo left his foot in there and went down with deliberate over-exaggerated drama. I don't blame the ref for thinking there was more serious contact, but Ronaldo's theatrical fall should have given him a clue. I don't like it when Ronaldo does this, as a United supporter I am embarrassed by it - especially as I believe he has been so much better and almost wiped this out of his game over the past two seasons having arrived from Sporting Lisbon with a diving culture embedded in him. I believe he has matured and I believe SAF and the United coaching staff have done a lot to stop his diving. I therefore believe this incident was Ronaldo reacting to the Fulham incident the previous week, where a blatant penalty resulted instead with him being booked. It is not a very sensible move on his part as it 're-confirms' his diving reputation to his detractors. Ronaldo is a brilliant player, I am so thrilled with the way he has embraced United and become integral to our club and its culture, he deserves credit for having got rid of his serial diving, and he needs to understand that even an isolated incident like this does him no good whatsoever.

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