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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 10, 2007 01:29 Flag

    Are there any honest United fans?

    Because all the ones on here seem to defend Ronaldo's theatrics. I do not believe that any of them would think yesterday's event should have been a penalty had it been Gerrard, Fabregas or Drogba in place of Ronaldo.


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    • But of course we as united fans defend our own players. At least he fell when there is contact.

      If this is completely baned, we should ban tackling as well. Why someone can break your ankle only awarded a foul but to protect yourself, you got branded a cheat?

      British media never had the logic behind them as we seen in recent national team joke.

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      • Yes, there was contact. But the contact was deliberately initiated by Ronaldo by putting his foot out. Just because there is contact between an attacker and a defender in the penalty area, and the attacker goes down, doesn't make it a penalty.

        To a neutral, the contact was as deliberate as Eboue's putting his leg out against the Middlesbrough player, when he should have had his second straight red card.


    • I've just been on another United board (one which is not plagued by the windup merchants and overly-biased rivals we get on here) and not one out of 50 or so posters thought it was a penalty. This board just brings out the worst in people as you can't be as honst as you can with fellow fans with all the haters lurking around, it means you have to be constantly on the defensive.

      The only thing that makes it such a controversial subject is the player involved. As you say, the players you mentioned get these kinds of decisions going their way week in week out, but you don't get the kind of uproar you do when it's Ronaldo drawing an easy foul in the area and going down as a result. I think envy (on the part of rival fans) has a big part to play in it all, to be honest.

      It's just annoying when you've been defending him for the dive that never was and the penalty that should have been all week to then see him taking a tumble after the slightest touch (yes, there was contact) yesterday.

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      • Spot o Tim. Of course the consistently hypocritical Robert will not acknowledge this point. Last week Ronaldo should of had a penalty and is accused of diving when he clearly didn't. This week he's involved in a contentious penalty decision and of course there is outrage again, simple because its him, the league finest player. The way I see it is you can condemn diving all you want, but the guy can't win, you lot will single him out regardless, so United fans have to get behind him. No one condones diving, but then no one rants and raves about Joe Cole, Drogba, Eboue, Sagna and Gerrard doing it all the time, so f*ck the lot of you hypocrites!

    • Yes Robert, as you've said, about a dozen times.
      I've just seen Andy Gray talking about it. Now I know Andy talks crap half the time, but he didnt think there was anything wrong in it, and he's not known for not having a go about stuff like this.
      Sure it was soft, the player sticks his leg out in the box, ronnie says "ta very much, I got booked last week for skipping one of those and then falling over, I think I'll just clatter into him, I'm going nowhere anyway".
      why cant you handle these issues instead of harping on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on when no one wants to agree with you. Your arguments are always based around the your firmly held belief that we cant be objective. I dont think there was a single united fan on here who was prepared to defend him for being sarcy at styles, pathetically trivial though it was, and yet you insist that we cant admit it when a united player does something wrong.
      He's innocent, you are persecuting him, stop pretending otherwise.

    • I live in manchester and all united fans are scallies, so its not surprising really, they probably dont even watch the games.

      Prof Rooonaldo is a moron, hes so bitter about Arsenal for some reason. calling them Francenal is just embarrasing, youre the only person that does it

    • With the benefit of the replays: It was not a penalty, Ronaldo left his foot in there and went down with deliberate over-exaggerated drama. I don't blame the ref for thinking there was more serious contact, but Ronaldo's theatrical fall should have given him a clue. I don't like it when Ronaldo does this, as a United supporter I am embarrassed by it - especially as I believe he has been so much better and almost wiped this out of his game over the past two seasons having arrived from Sporting Lisbon with a diving culture embedded in him. I believe he has matured and I believe SAF and the United coaching staff have done a lot to stop his diving. I therefore believe this incident was Ronaldo reacting to the Fulham incident the previous week, where a blatant penalty resulted instead with him being booked. It is not a very sensible move on his part as it 're-confirms' his diving reputation to his detractors. Ronaldo is a brilliant player, I am so thrilled with the way he has embraced United and become integral to our club and its culture, he deserves credit for having got rid of his serial diving, and he needs to understand that even an isolated incident like this does him no good whatsoever.

    • Your thread Robert, or so you claim, is about "are there any honest united fans".
      My contention is that it's got ball all to do with that, it's just having another endless pop at Ronaldo for taking advantage of a reckless challenge.
      We've had two posters here who make the case for the defence, even though I disagree with them.
      I'd still like to know where this board is, I know there are other boards, they dont have the zip we have in here, which has its pros and its cons.

    • If the defender had not hung out a leg then there would have been no problem and given the same chance 99%of forwards would have conveniently fallen over it.Just because Ronaldo was involved it is made a big issue yet others do it every week and nothing said.Maybe arsenal could have complained about the decision given against them yesterday as it was "soft" but i dont hear anyone on here complaining.

    • You contend what you like. I was sincerely dismayed earlier that nearly all (not quite all) of the self-declared United fans were defending Ronaldo in what I saw as an unreasonable way. This thread title was provocative and I thought twice before submitting it, but I wanted people like Tim and welshmu to come out of the woodwork if they were there. I realised it would encourage abuse from people like you and drunken_sailor.

      As for Ronaldo, I have no desire to "persecute" him, as you seem to think. I just think his antics are bad and wish that they weren't defended by the disciples.


    • If,
      after being stupid enough to bring manchester's, indeed the entire country's, most notorious child murder into the argument,
      having had to admit that your thread is not about us but about ronaldo,
      after having your alleged point roundly disproved by several posts anyway,
      you then still dont have the courage to shut the fuck up and have to keep on arguing (sincerely dismayed my arse), then we can just assume you are indeed an utter twat.

    • Well, on your first point, I would think that the country's most notorious child murderer was probably Ian Huntly. The worst child murderer was probably Thomas Hamilton. Oops - now I've brought those in too. I think the reaction to my original comment is a trifle overdone.

      On your second point, the thread is about the fans' defence of Ronaldo.

      My alleged point has not been disproved. It is a judgement call. And it seems that when pushed a little there are plenty of United fans who disagree with what you think has been proved.

      Finally, in the absence of evidence that you own these boards, I'll keep arguing on them just as long as I please. You (and drunken_sailor) can call me all the rude names you like - that in itself won't make me go away and will make you look more silly than it will me.

      In fact, if you want me to go away, the most effective thing to do would be to ignore me. The second would be to agree with me.


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