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  • The Destroyah!!! The Destroyah!!! Dec 11, 2007 00:27 Flag

    Do you think Ronaldo should have let Tevez take the penalty???


    I understand Ronaldo takes the penalty kicks ( I heard SAF say that on a interview afterwards), but letting Tevez take the penalty would have let him get his hat-trick, and made Ronaldo looked even better with his teammates because of his self-lessness. Not winding up anyone here ( even though the slapnut polesmokers that try and wind up us United fans on this board will run with this......)

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    • oh and lets talk, i guess i was a bit ott on you also, but if you insist on hanging round here like you own the place and then calling everyone excrement you can expect people to lose their temper.
      learn some respect and you'll get it in return.

    • ok robert. i know that was a bit of a rant, i think with the weekend on it's way, (and ronnie not playing tonight!) we can start bitching about something else.

    • I think this general criticism of me is rather over the top. But there's little point in us just repeatedly complaining that each other is over the top and we're the innocent victims so I'll say no more on that. As I didn't quite say earlier, if I couldn't take the heat I'd get out of the kitchen.

      On the Myra Hindley comment, I think I misjudged something but I also think some of the reaction has been determined to misunderstand what I saying and take offence. I misjudged through not thinking about it that if I was to pick on some obviously guilty person to compare someone else's obvious guilt with, then it might be better not to pick on someone whose victims came from the Manchester area. It didn't occur to me and if and where that has caused genuine hurt, I apologise again.

      Nevertheless, those who would choose to interpret my comment as "Ronaldo is as bad as Hindley" were plainly reading something into my words that weren't there. If I had said "Ronaldo is as innocent of diving as Hitler was of war crimes" I presume you wouldn't have thought I was claiming that Ronaldo's alleged sins were akin to the Holocaust.

      In the heat of the moment thoughts have a tendency to be overstated and words have a tendency to be misinterpreted. It's often better when it doesn't get heated.


    • senor, i agreeing!

      ps is my bum looking big in muniech?

    • I completely concur lester, we've had years of insults on here from these twats, and if robert wants to start threads asking if there are any honest United fans he deserves all the shit he gets, and more.

    • Robert, if I didnt want to hear other peoples opinions I wouldn't come here. If you dont want to hear what drunken has to say to you, especially when you are so persistent, then you shouldnt either. You are perfectly entitled to start provocative threads, but you over do it by at least 2 orders of magnitude. Rule number one in this place is, of course, that there are no rules. There's no ref. no final whistle. You have to use some self restraint.

      We had several "lets have a go at ronaldo" threads, driven primarily by yourself. You then start something masquerading as an "is there any point having a debate in here" when what it really meant is "does anyone agree with me cos i'm just going to go on and on and on if you dont".

      Your myra hindley bigot post, followed by "oh sorry, but it's ok cos i'm having to bear all this abuse from drunken" excuse just isnt good enough. Every United fan in here suffers a constant stream of abuse, so as soon as you enter into that zone you can expect retaliation. I still dont think you understand what that name means to some people. Not only is this Manchester, but as someone from Saddleworth there was always the disturbing feeling whenever you were on the moor that some other kid might be buried under your feet. As it tuned out, the bastards did indeed bury one of them in a field above dovestones res that I have walked over many times. You should have shown some decency at that point and walked off (you'd made your point 20 or 30 times by then anyway). Your revelation later that you have children I found quite shocking to be frank.

      Mr Lets Talk,
      You are a worthless insect. I compared robert to the yahoo-wank-off-merchants which was intended as a bitter insult. You dont even qualify for that as you are such a little twat.
      Nothing you say is of any relevance. I cant think of a single post you've ever made that is worth even one micron of storage space. Anyone who thinks Man United are overburdened with stupid little pricks from outer-space needs to come in here and have a look at the likes of you. Your only purpose in here is to give some of us a virtual reality punch bag.

      Everyone else
      The advantage and disadvantage of being a United fan, as always, is that, as we have seen on a series of recent issues (england, hatton) that this place doubles up as the general purpose board. Also I really cba monitoring 2 boards, so if you'll forgive me you'll have to come here if you want to talk to me.
      If I want to take the piss out of anyone else, or vice versa, I dont have to move an inch.

      oh, and btw, I'm not Scottish, Lester is my family name. Yahoo will randomly display my genuine id as oppose to the nick name I once chose for work purposes. I do have a proper nick name but it's not coming on here. And also, after proofing all that dribble, if you want to upset me with myra hindley jokes you'll need to at least lure me into a discussion first.

    • My insults have been mild compared to what has been thrown at me. And my reaction to them has been calm compared to the reaction by you and drunken and some others to my posts. As you'll see if you look through it.


    • Why should he??

      He's the best penalty taker we've had since Ruud left! What if Tevez missed? Ronaldo is on a hot streak of scoring and most likely wanted to keep it up!

      He could have let Tevez take it but Ronaldo's the more senior player(in the squad) and deserves to take the pens if he keeps up his sensational record of tucking them away!

    • United policy is that they decide who takes the penalty in the game plan prior to the game.

      So it's obvious Ronaldo who is assigned right now.

      On the team note, we need bigger goal difference than a personal hat trick right? So hardly to blame Ronaldo to be selfish. If it's a cup game, maybe another story.

    • there was a match recently, cant remember who it was but most probably a prem match, where someone on a hat trick snatched the ball and took then pen. he missed and his team either lost or ended up drawing a match they should have gone 3-1 up in.
      the point is, you start dicking about and something like that will happen. whoever was the agreed pen taker has to take it.
      as arsenal and liverpool fans will tell us, the championship can end up on goal difference.
      if it was the last match of the season and we were 6-0 up then sure, let gary pallister take it, otherwise stick to the script.

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      • McLester, you're implying that the "agreed" pen taker will defo score which isn't always the case. any player can fluff a pen, hence the basis of your comments is wrong. ronaldo missed the opportunity to show other side of his personality by not allowing tevez who was on a hat-trick to take the pen, other players would have allowed him to take it as a nice gesture.

        benjani was the player you were looking for who snatched the ball from muntani who is pompey regular pen taker. benjani then took the pen but he missed. fortunately for him they ended up winning the match in the end but missed his chance of an hat-trick.

      • Chelsea let Makelele take a penalty a couple of seasons ago, just for a laugh. I think we were already winning a game after already having won the league. He scored. His first goal for Chelsea.

        He scored again the following season. A real goal this time, against Tottenham. Everyone was so surprised we ended up losing.


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