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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 11, 2007 02:22 Flag

    Can Utd get a result at Anfield

    Not sure I'd use the word "worried" but its a big game, which I'm sure all fans and players realize. 3 points to either team is not just 3 points, but a moral boost for a season, or a moral blow for the looser.

    Mid week game could be telling, but plenty of time between Tues and Sunday to recover, so long as we don't pick up any silly knocks. Remember also, while I'm sure SAF will rest key players, he won't want to rest the entire starting line up, as a bad defeat in Rome is not the frame of mind he needs in the dressing room.

    Bravado aside, think your right if anyone wins, its going to be close, but more likely we'll cancel each other out. Neither will be happy with a draw, but neither that upset either, depending what happens in London.

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    • It all depends on tomorrow imho. If you dont win tomorrow then if you are still saying on wednesday morning that you arent worried about being shoved into the "relegation zone" then you are either a barefaced liar or someone anyone would want in the trenches.
      the weekend's results, and, despite failing at bolton, united's scintillating form, home and away, over the last 2 months, (33 goals in 12 matches) has left most united fans, and certainly this one, baying for blood.
      but these matches dont always pan out like that do they, probably one goal at most, maximum 2 (watch it now turn into a 7 goal thriller).
      if torres is fit then maybe the neutrals are in for some fun, but rafa's record in games like this is to shut up shop.

      (and could the gormless twat who compiled the sun advert please shoot themself)

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      • Lester, think you can understand why I'd never use the word Worried on the Manc board, but it is a massive game. To be honest while I'm sure tomorrow night will have an impact, they really are two seperate fixtures, and any carry over is purely psychological.

        For most Red fans the league is the main priority by far, so would sacrifice tomorrow if it meant winning the prem. But this is a business, and between the pride and the money on offer for getting to the next round, tomorrow is going to be huge.

        If we win tomorrow, we can take that momentum into Sunday, but it does not make the prem any more or less important. If we loose tomorrow, we are done in CL (most likey a draw won't do it), but the result on Saturday will not determine the prem, although it will help one or the other team, and allow bragging rights, which are always important.