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    Ronaldo's penalty technique

    No, this isn't a pop at how Ronaldo wins penalties (I think that's been done to death already), but a genuine, honest question about what Mancs think of his technique at taking them.

    Watching a replay of his Derby kick, he runs up, stops, then delivers the kick. During that brief hesitation, you could see the goalkeeper move slightly to his left, and Ronaldo buried it in his bottom right corner.

    He has adopted the same technique time and again, and in doing so he seems to gain an advantage my pre-empting what's in the goalkeepers mind.

    I don't believe there are any rules against it - except maybe an unwritten one. Some might argue that it's not exactly 'within the spirit of the game' (whatever that means). Perhaps it's a case of Ronaldo pushing his luck as far as he can, until he either gets reprimanded or told by officials to cut it out (or asked by the ref to take this kick again) - in which case fair play to him.

    I'm guessing most on here will say - if it gives him an advantage, and he gets away with it - then it's ok with me. But does his technique leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth? (no puns please!)

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    • Point being if it was a player who used Ronaldo's techneque against Utd in a match that denied you the prem title, or the FA Cup or the CL, would you appreciate the way he does it quite as much. Don't think anyone is saying what he's doing is a violation, but is it pushing or bending the rules to get an unfair advantage, or would you think its unsportsmanship, an therefore leave a bad taste?

      Personally if the refs are not calling him on it, its fair game. But, I can understand why others might find it objectionable.

    • Lol you scousers dont half crack me up!

      Talk about clutching at straws!

      Ronaldo is just about the best penalty taker I have ever seen, made the English look thoroughly SH1TE!!!

      As long as he doesn't not stop amidst his approach to the ball then its legal, so how does that leave a bad 'taste in the mouth'? He's playing by the rules?!

      P.s. Do you condone Gerrard and Torres diving all the time?

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      • Whose clutching at straws Prof? It was an honest question, not a dig.

        I'm not aware of any other regular penalty takers at the moment adopting Ronaldo's technique. Are you?

        AND I'm not disagreeing that what he does is outside the rules of the game, I think it's been well established on this thread already that it is.

        Your pop at Gerrard and Torres makes me laugh, seeing as it has nothing to do with this thread. Feel free to start another one on that subject if it makes you feel better.

        Clutching at straws? You are as paranoid and defensive as that other idiot Harris. Chill out FFS!

      • "Do you condone Gerrard and Torres diving all the time"

        Come on mate -- those in glass houses and all that...

        Personally about his technique the rule states as long as the player is continually moving (like you say)... and Ronaldo does --- so it's fine...
        The best penalty taker though that I can remember was Le Tiss!!!

    • A penalty is given to penalise the team committing the foul. Its not a competition between GK and penalty taker. GKs have been given a lot of advantages by being allowed to move along the line, and hardly any get stopped from moving forwards to cut down angles. Anything the taker can do to resore this balance is OK.
      This thread is just another 'dig' at Ronaldo.

    • There are no rules in football. Only LAWS.

    • Ronaldo dived , so what. Maradonna scored a goal with his hand, twice, so what. Dida faked injury, so what, and many other stars "take advantage" of circumstances, so what.

      At the end of the season these things even them selves out anyway. so , no, it doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. My team won and thats that. Bite me.

    • I thought that at some point the rule had been changed to say that the striker can't take a pause in his run up.

      If there's no rule against stopping movement during the run up or strike, then ronaldo's technique looks fairplay, and effective too.

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      • The law states that the penalty taker cannot stop on his run up to take his penalty.

        If you take care to spot it, as many more do the same, they do not stop completely, merely slow down. This is perfectly acceptable, and in some cases, where the player has obviously practised it, will give an advantage most times.

    • yeah, they had a go about this on the tele. I thought we'd had this out durring the cantona era, that it's perfectly alright as long as he doesnt go backwards. if someone does that for a free kick, step overs, etc., no one would even dream of complaining. goalies are now legally allowed to do a full on grobellar to put the kicker off, why cant the kicker play the same game ?.
      they brough it up cos aldridge used to do it, and there ws this crap that "it's just not cricket". it's total bolocks, and whilst i accept that you've made every effort to make out that this isnt a ronnie bashing thread, i fully expect our number one contributor to weigh in heavily, again.
      if it was anyone else it wouldnt be an issue.

      and while yer in, Allez Olympique!