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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 13, 2007 17:36 Flag

    Liverpool reaction to Gerrard's diving.

    I've answered this in the "Shameful Gerrard is a cheating diver" (not my title) thread on the Liverpool board. I won't get into a big row on it here - some of the United fans say they're fed up with me arguing with them. (Actually they love it but they'll have to go over to the Liverpool board if they want to continue.)


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    • It doesnt matter what youve answered robert. The game is history but IMO clear cut situations like this act as a good filter to separate the posters on these boards that know nothing about the game of football from the more knowlegeable ones. The fact that you are one of the minority of fools who thought that gerrard dived in that game means you have been filtered into the idiot pile. Dont worry you have some great intellectuals like rooneymagic, duncan_dogs, and P&S to keep you company