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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Dec 27, 2007 06:08 Flag

    Top of the table

    I can see Arsenal dropping atleast two more points against Everton. Tonight they looked jaded against Pompey (as they have in their last 3 or 4 games now). The season is finally beginning to catch up with their bare bones squad and there's not going to be any real let up from here until the end of the season. And being in the Carling Cup is only compounding their problems. Today against Sunderland we were able to rest the likes of Anderson, Evra, Giggs and Tevez. Plus we saw no need to rush back Hargreaves either. With Park back to bolster the squad, Paul Scholes and Gaz Nev close to returns and Larsson possibly on his way to United again in January to help out as a 4th striker, things are looking pretty rosy for us :)
    A*r*s*e have done very well to set the pace up until now, but it was never going to last.

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    • Great post raj, thats exactly, word for word how I have felt. As good as Francenal have undeniably been, the fact is, we have barely got out of 2nd gear this season and have stayed with them!

      6 points behind and played a game more barely a few weeks ago!

      I honestly think if United step it up a notch in the second half of the season, they are going to win the title again and more comfortably. Rewind 3 years and everyone thought this would be impossible!

      Considering the attacking football they play and our great rivalry with them, I will be rooting for Francenal to come 2nd. :)

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      • Of course I also forgot to mention the small matter of the African Nations Cup that's about to kick off soon. That can only be further bad news for the A*r*s*e. But, like you Chris, I do hope they don't fall away. This season has all the makings of an exciting title race (which lets face it EVERYONE loves) and it's kind of nice seeing A*r*s*e and United fighting it out for supremacy again after the two year circus act of Jose's Bank of Russia team.