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  • Tim Tim Jan 15, 2008 00:49 Flag

    YET another FICKLED gloryhunter AS IF...


    "despite results conspiring against their team" ehh? I thought it was more like thier team were conpiring against results to be honest.

    The reason they're "debating real issues affecting their club" is because they've got plenty of issues with the management, owners and crappy players they've spent so much money on lately. We have none of those issues to debate about, should we pretend we do just to amuse bitter rival supporters like yourself?

    Try going for a walk around Manchester one day if you like, and count the number of people in United gear compaired to those wearing City's colours. A 7.5 - 92.5 ratio I think not! Of the few City I know, several of them supported their team "through THICK AND THIN" by surrrendering their season tickets in the summer (after months of leaving their seats at Eastlands empty) before going tail between legs to apply for another one once Ericksson turned their team around. Talk about "FICKLED"!