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  • jim w jim w Jan 15, 2008 23:26 Flag

    Brasillian Twins

    in August the Times reported that Fabio and Rafael Silva may be joining in January ( previously it was thought they would come in July after their 18 birthday). Does anyone know if they have arrived?

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    • I am not a strain on my economy.

    • Here's two reasons, based on one race I know that is on the move. Albanians.

      TV in Albania, is not subtitled or dubbed in many cases. Most are either Italian or English (US) programmes.

      Italy is a beautiful country, but economically speaking it's very backward (like most of the politicians that run it) Anyone other than an White Italian is classed as a second class citizen.

      Australia and the US are too hard to get into, and too expensive to get to. Britain, however, is easy to get to. Easy to get in. We give benefits, housing & free healthcare to all migrants.

      To them, it's a no-brainer.

      We are stuck here, while my daughters complete their exams, but in a few years we are off too.
      I can base myself anywhere within an easy plane flight to London. My wife is a qualified teacher, and can get work in most countries also. All we need to do is make up our minds where we go.

    • Just tell immigration that you're a refugee from a former eastern block country, and they will greet you with open arms.

      Seems to work for the hundreds of thousands coming here at the moment.

    • I think there is some sort of rule if you can argue the player is an exceptional talent. Thats what we did with Anderson as he hasnt played the relevant amount of games for Brazil.

    • The reason 100 000(your figure not mine)people are leaving Britain is ,i hope ,the opportunity to live somewhere else.I agree with you about the pay difference in different countries.The reason lots of immigrants are being shuffled to Britain from French coastal towns is probably because they prefer to live in Britain,where they can speak the language easier.Have you ever actually asked these people why?or are you just going by what you see on the news?Most of the polish,Russian,and other eastern european people i've met are quite happy to live in their own respective countries.

    • The whole family is moving to Manchester, this satisfies another rule similar to the Australian kid moving back to England with his family.

      There must be another rule for kids, they can't be expected to have played for the national team at their age.

    • As no-one in their right minds can expect players 17 and under to have played in 70% of their countries international matches I would imagine there is another criteria which applies to them. Otherwise arsenal would be spending all their time in the appeals court. Maybe in their case it is how many under-17 internationals they have played in.

    • Cheers for the replies about the work permit. From what has been written it looks like it'll be like the Anderson case - no - then yes on appeal based on potential.

      I've just read that they can't play until they turn 18 in July anyway. First chance to see them play might be in the Olympics!

    • As this is a football forum, I won't go into some of the assumptions you made in your post. Needless to say, I think you missed my point, which wasn't a stab at criticising migrant workers.

      Move on.

    • Cunning stunt, how did everyone else get a visa ?.

      And yes, the threads evaporate on ignore, I thought you still got the stubs. Still, grass the idiot up for your breakfast if you will.

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