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  • jim w jim w Jan 15, 2008 23:26 Flag

    Brasillian Twins

    in August the Times reported that Fabio and Rafael Silva may be joining in January ( previously it was thought they would come in July after their 18 birthday). Does anyone know if they have arrived?

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    • I think it's the home office who make the rules, not the league, though the government would consult the relevant trade in making up rules.
      I cant see that being on a youth scheme would qualify, so I suspect they are here on a temporary visa and will be off out to Belgium or Portugal before long :(.

    • The whole family is moving to Manchester, this satisfies another rule similar to the Australian kid moving back to England with his family.

      There must be another rule for kids, they can't be expected to have played for the national team at their age.

    • Cunning stunt, how did everyone else get a visa ?.

      And yes, the threads evaporate on ignore, I thought you still got the stubs. Still, grass the idiot up for your breakfast if you will.

    • It's quite hard to get into Australia, there's a points system taking in age, occupation and many other things.

      That is, unless you're a sportsman. Australia once imported the whole Bulgarian weightlifting team, years later they were all sacked for drug taking.

      We allow boxers, basketballers, footballers, cricketers, any sport you like, they just apply, and then turn up with their whole family and are given Australian citizenship.

      There seems to be no problem for certain people wanting to live in England too.

    • Just tell immigration that you're a refugee from a former eastern block country, and they will greet you with open arms.

      Seems to work for the hundreds of thousands coming here at the moment.

    • John,if by Eastern block countries you mean Poland ,Czech Republc,Romania,Bulgaria,they are now part of the EC so are allowed free access to any of the 26 other countries.I've worked in Poland quite a few times for Sony music.Beautiful place

    • I think there is some sort of rule if you can argue the player is an exceptional talent. Thats what we did with Anderson as he hasnt played the relevant amount of games for Brazil.

    • Then why are the French Authorities lining them all up near Calais in readiness for their imminent departure to the UK?

      The small French towns around the ports are fed up with the amount of immigrants hanging around. I can't blame them. Some of the towns are lovely. But who wants hordes of Bulgarians roaming the streets, especially when news reports them fighting, begging and stealing.

      The UK is now the official dumping ground for economic refugees. Why else would 100,000 + Brits per year leave these shores.

      BTW. I have been to Poland & Bulgaria. Both are beautiful countries, and both have very hospitable people there. But with the economies being so weak, who can blame them if presented with an alternative to earn more elsewhere. A qualified teacher in Poland, can earn more doing more meanial work in the UK.

    • John, surely as a Gooner you should be celebrating our multi-cultural society.
      On the general immigration point, any economist will tell you that it's a critical component of our labour force. As a landlord who has tenants from a whole variety of origins, including Berkshire, I have my own opinions about who are the work-shy, cheating, filthy so-and-so's, and it certainly aint the Poles.
      Also, people have left these shores in droves for hundreds of years John, the real reason is rarely "cos I can't stand foreigners" , more typically property prices and the weather. It is precisely why we need new comers.
      And yes, this is a football forum not an Alf Garnet symposium.

    • As this is a football forum, I won't go into some of the assumptions you made in your post. Needless to say, I think you missed my point, which wasn't a stab at criticising migrant workers.

      Move on.

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