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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 17, 2008 19:45 Flag

    6th Feb & the fa

    I'm not sure what you imagine your "behaving like Robert" to mean. I have never made any sound in any one or more minute silence in my life, whether I agreed with it or not.

    I see it rather like making children pray in church or assembly. Watch them and none of them are concentrating. They all sneek peeks at everyone else to see what they're doing. You can make 80,000 people be quiet for a minute with this type of moral blackmail but you'll not know what proportion agree with the gesture and what proportion feel they are being treated like children.


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    • You're a twat robert, have you never been taught about respecting other people's wishes?

      The decent people in the crowd should be allowed to show their respect, shutting the fuck up for one minute isn't gonna hurt anyone.

    • I'm sure you are not the kind of person who sings "who's that lying on the runway" during a minutes silence (where have all the Leeds fans gone btw, oh thats right, division 3).
      But "moral blackmail", "being treated like children" ?. So do you not approve of this kind of gesture in any circumstances ?.
      I appreciate that Munich is obviously something far more poignant for United fans than most others, and it never really hit me how much it means to United till '99. But I would have thought that any club with any record in Europe, and certainly any English club with such, has to feel some relevance and emotion toward this.
      But obviously, this is just another of my poorly researched contributions.

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      • Lester, I may be in a majority of one amongst us reds but why should we Man Utd want to enforce our wishes on other clubs fans who may also be watching that England match and would rather prefer to not join in.

        FFS, it's an England International not Man United match. It shouldn't be forced on others and we must accept FA's decision as final and correct decision in this particular case. We don't want to sound as hijacking an England match and turn it on its head as a Man United procession. WRONG!!!

      • I go back to what I said at the start: "I get tired of having so many silences for people, most of whom I haven't heard of. If I or anyone else want to grieve or pay a silent tribute, or whatever, I or they can do that without insisting 80,000 other people do it too."

        Do I approve of this kind of gesture under any circumstances? Well, I wouldn't promote it because I think it is better for people to do things in their own way rather than be told how to grieve. However, I have no problem with the occasional one minute silence, or whatever, in the aftermath of some terrible thing when the feelings are raw and a silence acts to help move on, in the same way a funeral does. But this was fifty years ago and there will be few among any football crowd who can remember it, and even fewer among this group.

        For Man U to have one as a way of saying "we remember this terrible thing that happened to our club" is one thing. But to want to impose it on others who have no memory of it and no immediate feelings about it seems to me less about compassion and more about self-promotion.