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  • Tim Tim Jan 29, 2008 00:23 Flag

    FA caved in, minute silence will be heard!

    Good point John. We all know that there were some survivors who came out of Munich better than others and that the families of the dead weren't looked after as well as they should have been, but I wouldn't say we've ever made a profit out of them.

    I remember when the Superman film came out and it was revealed that the creators of the character had only ever received a paltry sum $130 for the character's rights, although the character had made millions for Warner. In light of this and to save face Warners finally gave them the decent pension that they deserved. I don't think the same thing applies to the forgotten survivors of Munich, but it'd be nice to see United finally do right by those left behind by the crash, but unfortunately with the "profits at any cost" Glazer regime, it's pretty unlikely.