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  • PhantomKnight PhantomKnight Jan 31, 2008 21:17 Flag

    Debham needs to be Selected

    He deserves his 100th CAP

    who else think same ?

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    • Is that Beckham haha.

      Yes I agree, if only for the effort and success he has had in the past to be rewarded with his 100th cap and that milestone.

      many a time he was England's best player on the pitch.

      Whether or not he will be picked in competitive matches again I'm not sure at the moment. I think SWP is ahead of him in the pecking order for right wing

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      • Some of our more serious contributors have said that caps should be awarded on merit, not because of who you are or what you did in the past. But his 99 caps were achieved on merit, and we will probably be short of a squad after today anyway.
        I think it's right that he gets a standing ovation. The treatment that he got from most of the country after France '98, and especially at places like Upton Park who have permanently gone down in my opinion ever since, was as severe as it gets, he deserves one last clap.

    • Given that he single handedly rejuvinated England and played his socks of when others who should know better (Lampard, Gerrard, Owen etc) played without ANY passion for the shirt, he deserves his 100th cap. It would be rude not to let him play. Friendlies don't amount to much and it would be a nice gesture.

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      • okay..it is a given that becks is not the force he used to be but....as some have said this is just a friendly and therefore nothing much at stake. he should be given his century now and as captain. i know the argument is too look to the future but consider this... you are a young aspiring england international, you turn up for the squad and in the same room as you is david beckham, an example of what can be achieved if you apply yourself. at his age, he is still getting picked because he has looked after himself and not abused his talent. if i were thaht young hopeful international i would see this as an inspiration, something to learn from. there will be plenty more friendly matches for capello so by doing it now for becks he will put the matter to rest and be able to move on without this monkey on his back!

    • he will get his 100th cap, and Capello is correct with what he says. Beckham is no longer for the future big steve was wrong to drop him at the time. But now is the time to do so and lets get the f$%kin team sorted now rather than later.

    • Oups.... Bekham.....excuse....

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      • Sentiment shouldn't come into it. Does Beckham actually deserve a place in the team now he has gone to LA for megabucks to play in a fucking joke league?

        Managers do what is best for the team in these situations. There has been too much of the superstar bollocks in relation to the England team. Capello is no fool, and even though the game appears to be a meaningless one, the point is that he has to look at building a side right now that might be able to compete with the likes of Croatia when it comes to the qualifiers.

        So I would say that Beckham should be forgotten by Capello. He has to look at players like Bentley, Lennon, Wright-Phillips, and decide who will occupy that position on the right wing.