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  • John S John S Feb 4, 2008 16:05 Flag

    Ghana, Ivory Coast wins

    According to the parliament.uk website, the following applies to non-European nationals:

    " Sportspeople applying for work permits should be people who are internationally established at the highest level, and whose employment will make a significant contribution to that particular sport in Great Britain at the highest level".

    So getting a few games under his belt for Angola will be pretty useful.

    Interestingly Arsenal were accused of bending the above rules by getting smaller clubs in Europe to take on African players, get their work permits sorted after a while based on number of appearances, and then to ship them onto Arsenal - allegedly!!

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    • The work permit rules seem to be farcical. The process appears to be:

      - make a request for a permit
      - it gets rejected
      - make another request
      - it gets passed

    • Not that I want to stick up for Arsene "I think English players are crap" Wenger, why is this against the rules ?. Isn't it what we are doing with Brugge, and now sporting and panathanikos it seems. Or are we both breaking them ?.
      Queiroz is our answer to the Wenger "cheap African players via France" strategy. It's starting to look like the Portuguese empire has just as much to offer as the French, or the Spanish.

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      • Signing players and putting them out on loan is not breaking or even bending the rules. But Arsenal were not doing this, they were not registering the players as Arsenal players at all, even though secretly they were. I don't know if the investigation is still going on - football is such a big business that I think a blind eye will be turned to these things. I don't think this involves any of the current Arsenal team - I think it was a way of getting cheap talent in the future.