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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 4, 2008 22:46 Flag

    manc, please keep up the good work.

    We're so grateful to have Guardian Angels like yourself around.

    Your selfless good work helps to corner the BAD guys (you know who you are) by making these boards a better place for all.

    WELL DONE, manc. You've got my votes anyday.

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    • Hahaha, this is the funniest thread ever ...

      Post it wanc, you tosser, then stop pretending to support United.

      If you were a real United fan you would lick the arse of someone who calls himself manure_scum_of_the_earth

      Put up or shut up arsehole.

    • harris your full of shyt mate..............shame you lost your address book..............when u got ya id deleted..

      youve always been hanging out the back of bytchylass butch......just stay there and stop crawling..........idiot.

    • Ian,
      I have no issue with you, I was a little surprised that you should imply I was racist, when you don't know who I am and that I have not had any reason to cross swords with you in any way shape or form.

      I am not associating myself with anyone except people who I consider personal friends and who are being verbally attacked by a certain person that uses this board.

      If you wish to associate yourself with that person,that of course is your perogative, but until he stops getting personal with my friends, then I shall do what I can to see that he is made to stop.,

      Thankyou Ian.

      Cheers Manc.

    • Gene, I'm sure that the person(s) that hold the info, (which for your info is not personally identifiable so no worries on that score), want to have that pleasure themselves.

      I have already suggested that I post it and would happily do so right now, wouldn't bother me, but out of respect for the persons that hold it, I will await for the right moment, which will come I'm sure. Have a little patience, it is worth waiting for.

    • Its best to let the Hammers do it ,leave it to them.

    • But will this deter the thick skinned twat?

    • If it was my information, I would be posting it right now. However, it is not, and therefore cannot, but I am privey to it and it is GENUINE and good, and I'm sure someone will have a face as Red as the teams home shirt when it is put up on the boards., and if the prat keeps up his behaviour, I'm sure it won't be long.

    • Make sure that you splash it high in 12ft letters when you do, Manc - this is something that we'd all like to enjoy!

    • I appreciate that Gene, and I am already a member of a official Football club forum, who wouldn't stand for the cr"p that these weirdo's spout at other's. Obviously I don't use this ID on there, and I don't want to become a modern day good samaritan, but drunk has verbally attacked one or two of my mates, so he takes us all on. He can back off if he want's, no problem and it stop's there, or keep it going, but I don't intend to back off.

      I am privey to some info that will shut him up for good cause it will show him up for what he really is, a lying toad who can't lie straight in bed. Believe me it's good. It proves he is a LYER. His call really, but it is about time everyone stood together against him and his side kick who spoil this and other board's for everyone else.

    • Ok Gene.....

      I've been called alot worse than that. Don't bother me none.
      If he wants a talk we can do that too, or butt out completely..that's his call, but I for one am tired of the weirdos's infesting this board doing nothing else than causing cr"p.

      The only way to stop it is to use the 'report abuse' button against these people and get them removed. Takes everyone, not one or two. I have done my bit and will continue to do so, but there is alot of credibility in the phrase 'weight of numbers'

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