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  • WILLIAM F WILLIAM F Feb 8, 2008 01:04 Flag

    Premier league matches being played abroad.

    It is being reported on sky sports that the premier league are considering playing a round of matches in the far east,Australia and a number of venues world wide.To do this will necessitate increasing the premier league games from 38 per season to 39 per season.It is being thought about for 2011 or there abouts.Is this at all feasible because it is being done to bring premiership football to fans world wide.

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    • Although some managers seem not to like the idea it has some points of merit.
      1.It will allow fans who have little or no chance of seeing their idols play except on TV to watch a game and enjoy the atmosphere.
      2.It will allow teams and players that at present dont have the ability to arrange tours to far flung places a chance to show what they can do to a different audience.
      3.It could broaden a teams fan base and by doing so encourage the lesser teams to do more for these fans and could also increase their revenue due to merchandising.
      4. If it could be fixtured in during january time it would be a nice break for players allowing them the chance to play a game under good weather conditions.

    • Stupid idea. The winning of the title or relegation from the league could now be decided by a luck-of-the-draw cup tie. This stupid idea is all about the PL and FA and club Chairmen getting big business bonk-ons about "raising their brand profile" and "selling their product" overseas.

      This will be another step in the wrong direction for football that is doing all it can to remove itself from it's working class roots, franchising itself to the "emerging markets" and not caring about the real fans they leave behind.