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  • dino dino Feb 10, 2008 23:29 Flag

    Can anyone explain to me why we lost

    Was it because the back 4 was not playing well?
    Was it because Rooney wasn't playing?
    Was it because it was after the international game?
    Was it because of the Middle East trip?
    Was it because we dont have a leader like Roy Keane to motivate?
    Was it because we rely to much on Ronaldo and he wasnt performing today?

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    • Who dives. Adebayor, van persie, fabregas, hleb, rosicky. Even lehman dives and he's a fuckin goelkeeper!

    • u lost cause man city where the better team..

      get over it..

      its arsenals title to lose now...

    • Because - Manchester United scored 1 goal and Manchester City scored 2 goals.
      That is how it works - the team that scores the most number of goals wins. Hope that helps.

    • The main reason for our loss was the absence of Evra.He is the one who would have stretched their narrow defence with his runs in behind the full back and this would have opened up the middle for the players in there.In fact we fell into the city trap of playing too much in the centre and not keeping the game wider by the wingers hugging the touch line.

    • cheers anthony, i do try to be fair and impartial and both yourself and john, also a gooner are a pleasure to chat to which goes to show real fans can have rivalry with respectability. on the post itself sometimes i bite because some people are so idiotic, but we lost fair and square and i was here posting after the match and not sulking and hiding from the spammers. it was great to hear the united fans sing out near the end but such a shame it dont happen every game. 75,000 and one of the quietest grounds at times.

    • I think Manchester City wanted it more than us, if their fans had of disrespected the minutes silence I think that would have fired us up.Nani was nullified from the Dietmar Hamman challenge and he didn't want any of it after that.Scholes is a great player but I think it was a bit soon to start him, especially in a derby match.Carrick looked hungry but John Oshea at left back?I was curious why Evra was not playing.Ronaldo did not have a great game but we still created chances.The first goal we were sleeping.Nemanja Vidic cannot defend on his own, Rio put all his effort into the England game.Hargreaves maybe should have started, Carrick definetly.Anderson has great energy but that was not enough yesterday, he is still young but im extremely impressed with him!I think the tactics were wrong yesterday!The derby is always important and maybe we didn't take it as seriously as we should have.Next season we will put it right!

    • i think the reason we lost was no rooney the have got to buy an orthadox striker or two in summer also if you look at last 3 results beat spurs in fa cup then went too far east Waste of time could have been done pre season the look at results aftre that struggled against spurs just getting a point and now this derby defeat if we play likethat against arsenal next week we will be shown how too play football we have got too up our game champions league is back on 19th and dont want too be shown up in that best chance since 1999 too get throphy back where it belongs

    • Jesus Lynden, I don't know why you bother replying to some of the idiots on here because you always (as far as I have seen) posted well balanced and erudite missives on here and as a Gooner I have always enjoyed reading your posts.

      Today, City were the poorer in terms of technique and flair, but stronger in desire and grit... that's what derby matches are all about and why they are such good entertainment (especially for the neutrals, sort of!)

      ManU will bounce back from this big time because of the quality, skill, tradition and guts that they have in abundance.

      Anybody who writes of ManU until the final whistle of the final match of the season is a plonker... And I for one will not do that until the last game.

      These boards are for true footie fans, not the mentally challenged amongst us who use them as a forum to vent their ill concieved spleen.

      There are two big hitters in the Prem.. and they are called Arsenal and Manchester United... the rest just dream of having the pedigree and history of the two pre-eminant clubs in the land.

      One loss does not a tradegy make, the same as one win does not a season make... many twists and turns before the fat lady sings me thinks...........

    • its not yet time to deliver the killer blow to Ars we need to bide our time

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