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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Feb 13, 2008 18:13 Flag

    Fergie has truly BLOWN IT!

    Hey paisley!! Gotta admit man, I've missed your acid posts on the Pool page :)
    Agree with almost everything you have said apart from CITEH being the best team in Manchester (dude, have you looked at the league table??). I think most of us have admitted all season long that we are one striker short. For me, selling Guiseppe Rossi has been a mistake. In the never-ending absence of Saha, Rossi could have been very handy indeed. But I don't think this will cost us the title. I have always said, and still believe that the Gunners squad is not big, or experienced enough yet. Once the Champions League is in full flow again and the Gooners have to start playing two crucial games in a week (coupled with their African players having already played in a big tournament) then we will see if they can really handle the heat. The rest of February and March will be telling months. If by the end of March they are 3 or less pts ahead of us then its still anybodys title and I'd make us the slight favourites just because nearly all of our squad have been there and done that, whereas most of the Gooners squad haven't got a Premiership medal. We have not been playing well in our last few games (apart from against Pompey) and this has been our slump. Hopefully it's now over and we can push on. Theres no doubt in my mind that A*rse will drop more pts between now and the end of the season. We just have to make sure we can capitalise when that happens. Its WAY too early to say we have blown it. Earlier in the season we managed to overturn a 7pt gap from the Gunners. This time, its only 5 :)