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    We Have Won Nothing Yet.

    Personally I think it's way to early to believe we will win the league, or the champions league.

    We are however well in the frame, but no dead certs yet.

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    • I can sympathise with both viewpoints. Nothing is guaranteed: 2 of the 3 League and FA Cup Doubles (1994 and 1996) could so easily have been 3 in a row when the trophyless 1995 season went to the wire with Blackburn in the EPL and Everton in the FA Cup Final. So I understand thos who caution take each game and each trophy one at a time. On the other hand, in fairness to those who predict the possibility of another Treble, or an unprecedented quadruple or quintuple, I don't see any of the United fans crowing that its all over and done with as a God-given right. They are just expressing belief that it can be done. The Ridster has summed it up briliantly in his post - SAF and this brilliant squad have put us in a position to win on all fronts and that in itself is a remarkable achievement. I remember saying to my late Dad when we won the Treble in 1999 that I was replete - if we never won another trophy in my lifetime I had been given all my heart's desire. Of course, since then, the hunger of SAF and the squad burns as brightly amongst us all and we have enjoyed further success including last year's magical European and EPL Double. Isn't it just great that the quintuple is even up for discussion? Absolutely fantastic! Come on United!

    • How fitting it would be for Sir Alex Ferguson to win 5 pieces of silverware for being the greatest manager of all time. His dedication, foresight and hunger to succeeed year in and year out is just simply inspirational. He has built yet another squad to contest all competitions and I get the feeling that the master is about to leave a legacy that will never be achieved again in our lifetimes. A true football genius in terms of management.

      Even if we don't win all five, the fact remains that he has proved himself over and over again to being a truly magnificent manager.To be fighting on all fronts in all competitions is absolutely remarkable given the injuries and squad rotation that has taken place over the season. He must be envied by his fellow managers. To have the skill and knowledge(and a little luck) to gel a team together to produce entertaining football is a real talent.

      Anyway, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that SAF has given every Manchester United supporter and player, the belief that anything and everything is achieveable. We should be thinking of winning everything because it's the way of Manchester United. We are no.1 and we are champions of the league, Europe and the World. In SAF we trust. BELIEVE.

    • I dunno if anyone thinks we have a divine right to win the prem, I haven't seen anyone like that, but I bet Giggsy looks at the trophy as his, he's won it ten times after all...soon to be 11!

    • Don't think Man U will win any this season

    • Aslong as Liverpool dont progress too far in the CL eh steve!

      Its not funny anymore!

    • The Truth is I agree with your last post 100%.

    • Im guessing this is a dig at my thread mentioning the treble, as usual, not as direct as you would hope for, but thats this board for you!

      I'm not sure why this was even mentioned, and I see the same old bores have replied, predictably, as always. I dont remember ANYONE saying we WILL win the Treble, or any trophy, just giving it a harmless thought. It didn't hurt talking about last year, even in hindsight it was worth a mention as we were aiming for all three!

      As for this...

      ' Personally I think it's way to early to believe we will win the league, or the champions league.'

      B*llocks it is. Its never too early to start believing in your team. I don't know if we'll do it, but like Hargreaves has come out today and said, with the squad we have we HAVE to start believing we can do it now.

      Well in the frame, no dead certs, er yeah, talk about stating the obvious!

    • how true that is. and 1 point is nothing either, after our draw with spurs and loss v city the arsenal fans were saying we were finished and that 5 points would become more but 2 games later back to 1 point. and more swings and roundabouts to come. but 1 thing that sticks in my mind is all this banter yet no one has thought of chelski, they are still there and dangerous. we must not forget that but fergie knows they are there and is keeping an eye on them.

    • I seem to remember you posting this last year around this time as well - and you were right back then as well. We can reserve the celebrations after the medals are handed out, unlike the Liverpool fans who were planning their parade 5 games into the season, or the Gunners who have been doing the same all season.
      I am certainly a LOT more hopeful this time around about our chances with the depth added to the club over the summer, but its still too far away to call for the PL, the CL is always hit and miss like any knockout competition, just as the FA Cup.
      Still, can't help but feel a quiet confidence that this will be a very good season indeed.

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