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    FA Investigate Alan Wiley

    Not sure if this will come to anything for obvious ABU/FA reasons, but I did think it was odd that Wiley reviewed the Gallas kick on Nani and decided NOT to punish it.


    Does no one find that a tad suspicious?!

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    • LMAO!!!


    • "how do you fall over easily"

      Ask ronaldo, he does it even when no one is near him.


    • John, how do you fall over easily? You either fall over or you dont!
      And Nani clearly slipped and got straight back up again. Its hardly like he was trying to get a foul. Gallas was just behaving like a spoilt brat because he had been done AGAIN!!!

      That, along with his behaviour against Birmingham should lose him his captains armband for the good of your own club, and should certainly bring about a charge of some sort, it is disgraceful behaviour. Then again, he has got form for this kind of thing!

    • Good thread,i have enjoyed the points raised.

      In a nut shell- We are all biased and blind to a degree to our players and see with clarity the wrong-doings of other teams. All except the Villa who are whiter than white.....I think u will all agree!

      But the FA and Ref panels should be un-biased.
      We know that not to be true from past experience where clubs/players get let-off or penalised harder than others.

      On one hand you can say they are only human,so will make mistakes....On the other hand,there incompetence beggers belief sometimes.

      Villa for Europe

      The Gunners 4 the title...Comon!

    • I think most of us will accept John that it wasn't a two footed lunge, and you have accepted that people have been banned for 3 matches for far less.
      The point of the thread is, should Wiley be bollocked (sorry for he language John) as he appeared to just ignore this, presumably on the grounds that Nani was asking for it and no one was quick enough to actually do any damage.
      I was quite happy for the remaining 10 men to stay on the field and disgrace themselves further. Indeed, if Gallas had been red carded for violent conduct, and thus banned for 3, Wenger would have the perfect excuse to sack him. Now he has to hope he picks up an injury or admit that his dressing room is marginally happier than Newcastle's is.

    • I agree, there's no way you can call Gallas' challenge "dangerous", but it was violent conduct and complete petulance. I hope the ref gets banned from officiating a few Premier League matches. Can't believe he let Gallas stay on the field after that.

    • Which part of Nani`s body Gallas aimed at is irrelevant, indeed whether he made contact or not is irrelevant - it is enough that he intended to make contact. Kicking out at a player from behind when the ball has gone is violent conduct and a red card offence. As for Taylor`s foul, it was a clumsy attempt at a tackle however it is the type of tackle we see all the time - a defender tries to win the ball but the forward is too quick.

    • Ian, if you look at the kick itself, there is hardly any force behind it, and it was at the sole of his boot. There was no chance or intention of Gallas breaking Nani's ankle.

      Nani show boated, dived/fell easily and got a tap on the sole of his boot.

      Yellow card at most.

      Utd fans fail to see any faults in their own players, or put up some lame excuses for some of them.
      We, however have condemed Eboue on more than one occassion.

    • So kicking at someone's boot and maybe breaking his ankle is better than kicking his butt?John stop being so hypocritical.If it was a United player you'd be screaming for blood

    • Spot on Roy.

      Look at the video again though. I'm certain Gallas kicked the bottom of Nani's boot, not his bottom.

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