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  • Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez said: "We have beaten Manchester City and Portsmouth, and they are two teams who have been pushing us all the way.

    "They all want a European place.

    "I feel we have realised that we can play against the best teams and cause them problems.

    "Every win is important when you are fighting for fourth place."

    Good to know that Liverpool can cause problems for the best teams like City & Portsmouth.

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    • I f*cking love Rafa. He's a complete moron who has no idea how to manage a premiership club. Long may he continue I say.

      ROTATION ROTATION!!! Hahaha I do miss Mourinho terrorising him.....

      God forbid Liverpool ever get back on top. Seriously.

    • Moyes said this not Rafa. We didn't play City and Portsmouth recently

    • Its the Utd board, so your welcome to your digs, but let me just set a couple items straight so you don't all get too confused.

      First when we are talking about City, think this is the same Manchester City that did the double on your this year, or am I mistaken?

      Second, when he's talking about playing against the best team I think he's refering to the mini run of games he's trying to put together. This includes holding off Chelsea at Stamford bridge (qualifies for causing them problems) and defeating Inter Milan at Anfield, who many consider amoung the best form teams in Europe.

      Lastly, 4th is no accomplishment, its the minimum that any red expects. Its been a dissapointing seasons, and the only things left that might make it less, is pushing for as many points as possible so we can launch into next season with confidence, and of course a good run in CL, with a 6th Cup being a worthy distraction.

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      • holding off chelsea at stamford bridge - i suppose that would be an achievement, however an earlier respondent in this thread pointed out that it's WINS that are important, whichever league position you're fighting for. your remarks about man city are a bit childish, the league table always tells the story better than individual results. you should have a chance against inter though, as they have drawn one and lost one in their last two games in italy.

    • It is surely a poor reflection on Rafa and Liverpool when they think that battling for 4th is a great achievement.More so considering they feel beating city and pompy to be great.

    • City & Portsmouth? We should have contending Manure, A$senal & Chelski!! We do not want a European place, we expected to have it anyway!! we want the premiership!! Portsmouth has just been battered by Everton and ManCity's hope for European place is as good as over now.

      Good to know that Liverpool can cause problems for the best teams like City & Portsmouth. <-- Aren't they who suppose to comes out with this statement? They are the one who suppose to create problem for us as we are more superior than them looking at our squad!!