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    CL easier than premiership

    admits Benitz. So that puts liverpool`s achievements in the competition over the last few seasons in perspective. Along with all that crap by liverpool fans of how success in the CL proves that they are a better team than utd, arsenal and chelsea cause they`ve only won the premiership.

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    • Hey waddaya know? You were right! (Well, for now at least - like I said, it disappears soon enough if I don't post much)

    • Excuses, excuses - the reason liverpool haven`t won the premiership or even come close to winning it is that their squad isn`t good enough. They have some very good players - Gerrard, Torres and Carragher and a few players who look like they couild be very good once they have adjusted to the premiership like Babel. But they don`t have enough quality in the first team and they struggle when the star names are missing - which is why they have problems when the squad is rotated. In the CL Benitz tends to field his strongest first 11 and yes get his tactics right but that doesn`t make them the best team in England because they aren`t able to reach that level consistently.

    • Although I hate to say that,but I rather giving up the PL and focus 100% energy into winning the CL.
      It's bacame difficult to win PL this season since Arsenal and Chelsea are so tight with us,plus we have long time never win the CL,it pains me to say that but this season we can only choose 1 cup from 2 league,if you choose PL you'll simple lose CL,but if you give up PL you can easily win CL,simple.

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      • We should get this straight - the CL is not easier to win than the league. Just ask Mancini, Fergie and Arsene. Fergie have tried for so many years and only won it once, whereas Arsene has still to win it while being a very successful manager in the EPL.

        The CL is easier ONLY for Rafa because his tactics work against continental teams but not against the hurly burly of English teams.

        Sometimes he just has no clue how to play against teams like Barnsley, West Ham or Portsmouth while he can plan a very detailed strategy on how to overcome Barcelona, Inter or Juventus.

        If he stays at Liverpool for another 10 years he might never win the EPL but I reckon he might win the CL another couple of times.

    • Devon, I normally have some respect for your post when I come visit your board, but this is foolish. If its so easy, then why are Utd not winning it every year? If its so easy why does Roman want it so badly, but can't win it. If its so easy, how come Arsenal have never one it.

      I'm not saying that the prem is easier than CL, but lets be honest here beating Europes top clubs, home and away is a major accomplishment, and to belittle it smacks of petty hatred which you should be bigger than Devon.

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      • Did I say that it wasn`t an important competition? All I posted were the comments of the liverpool manager. And he has a point in that the CL is a cup competition which can turn on the result of one game which is why it and other cup competitions can`t ve compared with winning a league - whether it be the premiership, la liga or any other european league. That doesn`t mean that clubs and fans don`t want to win the CL or the fa or Carling cups but at the end of the day you don`t have to be the best team over the season to win just the best on the day - or as with utd in 1999 the luckiest.

      • It is not so much that it is easy to win the CL. But it is a cup competition and involves a fair bit of luck. It is certainly not an indication of who is the best team in Europe. I do concede that Benitez is good once you reach the knock-out stages (partly because he has made LFC hard to beat, although this is the reason you balls up in the EPL: too many draws), but you must admit that the mini-league format of the group stage is a headache for Liverpool most seasons, and you usually just about scrape through.

        United & Chelsea have still to lose a game in the CL this season. Arsenal got slammed by Sevilla and Liverpool had some well dodgy results in the groups. Who will win the CL this year? I don't know. It could be Schalke or Fenerbache. If it is an all English final then the competition will be reduced to a farce just like when they had the Milan derby final here. I want to see the champions of two distinct European leagues play each other. What is the point otherwise. Benitez and Ferguson think it is great that 4 'English' clubs are in the last eight - I say it makes a mockery of a 'European' tournament. When will TV rights and money stop polluting the game?

      • Dave thats an easy one, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal all try to win their League at the same time.

        The Champions League should have teams that are at least trying to be Champions and not just playing for Euro qualification every season.

        Just imagine a Team winning the Premier League, the FA Cup & The European Cup all in the SAME season. All three are pinacles.

    • Exposed?

      You don't think you're taking it a bit seriously? This isn't the Iraq dodgy dossier, it's a quote from Benitez. And yes, it will be interesting when Busby sees this... Wait, no, no it just won't.

      And what is it with the clucking? Are you a rooster or a chicken or something?

    • hey wisey, don't give us that sob story.

      you did wrong and yahoo! took away your medallion, big deal?

      repent and stay on the straight and narrow path, you'll have every chance of getting it back.

    • Tut Tut. No need to throw a tantrum when you been exposed.....!

      Busby said you should be a leader, wait till he sees this thread.

      And Devon.... what have you to say about your conduct in this thread.... to think I was complimenting your awesome store of knowledge only the other day!

      cluck cluck

    • Apologies?
      Fine, I'm sorry that your manager is admitting you don't have it in you to win the EPL.

      I'm sorry you're so disappointed in your team that you'd rather spend your time posting at their rival's message board.

      I'm sorry that you're reduced to Rafa's spin doctor, which I'm assuming is an unpaid position.

    • I can see why yahoo took away that medallion.

      Devon has been a very naughty boy. Let me quote what Rafa actually said:-

      "For us the Champions League is a bit easier because we can be concentrated in two games," said the Spaniard, who guided the Reds to success in the tournament in 2005.

      See the difference? "FOR US....."

      I look forward to your and Devon's apology in your next posts.

      cluck cluck

    • No he's not. He's pointing out that Rafa Benitez - the guy who won the CL with Liverpool - says it's an easier competition than the EPL, which Liverpool have never won.

      This is nothing to do with Devon, he just reported what Benitez said.

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