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  • rory rory Mar 14, 2008 03:15 Flag

    CL easier than premiership

    "The Champ L is the pinnacle of cup success and Man U and Chelsea are gagging to emulate Liverpool and show they are in the same class.

    Liverpool fans are gagging to win the Prem and are polar opposites in ambitions. Liverpool would gladley lose a Champ L final if they could have a Prem title and Man U would happily finish 2nd if they could have the Champ L.

    Liverpool fans don't pretend that the Prem winners are inferior to the Champ L winners......Where did you get that from?

    In terms of global success with your brand and money to spend (since the prem began)...Man U have failed to do themselves justice in Europe big time...and i bet that hurts.

    Liverpool have the opposite problem. Since the prem began they have a Champ L,another final and other euro cups.......their failings have been on the home front.

    2 great teams.....opposite short comings"

    Best post ive seen on these boards for along time.

    Another quote for you guys,
    "we can never be thought of as the same as Milan, Real and Liverpool until we have dominated Europe and our own league as they have"
    Roy Keane

    A while ago now but you havent emulated it.
    Maybe thats what hurts some of you so much.
    Why not just be happy with what you have won.
    The bubble will burst, believe me, enjoy it while you can.