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  • This'll be the 5th and 6th time we play them in the CL in 2 years. Even though we kicked the living bollocks out of them last year, I still think its a tough one. Then again, with the exception of Schalke, they are all tough. I think the highlight (because one WILL be knocked out) is the Arse v. Scousers. Reckon it may go down to penalties. could go either way really. Chelsea Fenerbahce, I reckon chelsea have a good chance if they get a good result away and the Barcelona Schalke game is, IMO an open and shut case.

    That being said, this is the champions league and anything can happen.

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    • all i can say is, ariva derchi roma

    • I know some people are saying its the worst draw we could have got, and I dont disagree, but the thought of facing Barca in the semis and almost certainly meeting an English team in the final is exciting I think. We've already dealt with Roma and Lyon this season, our first, fit 11 have shown they can beat a top Milan side, and one look at our squad now just fills me with confidence that we can go one step further than last year.

      Either way, this seasons winner is going to be English. Im 100% positive of that.

    • First, I hope that hooligans and violent fans from both side will not make a mess, or, if otherwise, will be regularly stopped - and if necessary beaten up and/or jailed - by English or Italian Police, without any stupid nationalistic approach.

      If you see the uncensored and uncut 5 minutes movie of Manchester fans behaviour in Rome, I wonder how you can criticize Italian Police.

      Second, Manchester looks stronger, but Roma has really grown up a lot. I would say 60% for Manchester, 40% for Roma. If Roma plays like against Real Madrid, be prepared to sweat a lot.


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      • Your post is barely worth responding to, but here goes.
        Do you have an "uncensored or uncut 5 minutes movie of Manchester united fans in Rome" ?. Considering what Roma, the Rman police, the other groups of Ultras in Italy who have all agreed to stop carrying knives, and UEFA had to say about it, i think your "It was just as much United's fault" is pathetic. Roma, as we discovered to our cost, have an abysmal record for violence in Italy, and their coppers arent very far behind.
        Show us this video or shut up.

    • Its an OK draw - we have a good record against Roma, but they are also a very good team which they demonstrated by beating Real home and away.
      If we have no injuries leading up to the tie I would give us the edge - 60/40.
      On the other side I think Chelsea have the best draw, they should beat Fenerbache, and if they come up against Liverpool again they should have the quality to squeek by this time around.

    • Got to admit, this is possibly the WORST draw we could have got. I know many will be gald to avoid Barca but if you look at Barca's league form and their rotten defence, it wouldn't have been too bad to have got them. Roma will be well up for this. They were very unlucky not to leave Old Trafford with a point earlier in the season and they were very impressive against Real Madrid in both of their legs. This will not be an easy tie.

    • Should be a good couple of games.
      Won 2, Drawn 1 and Lost 1 of the 4 previous games against them so we've got to be somewhat confident of getting a result.