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  • sticker sticker Mar 16, 2008 02:58 Flag

    Chelsea score 6 - Muppets score 1 ha ha

    I have to admit that the performance of Man Utd against Derby is the worst one I have ever seen. lol

    And yet... in this suck performance, Man Utd still grabbed a win. That is important and that is enough.

    To me, 1-0 and 6-1 is no different. Win is still... well, a win. But I think 1-0 + subpar performance in this match is good for Man Utd. They will learn from this bad performance and come out stronger, in turn it turns out to be bad news for other teams, including Chelsea. lol

    I guess... Fergie style of blaming others other than his own players is a tactical use of psychology. This is to ensure the PLAYERS will not blame themselves for missing the chances to win the match, so that the players can still retain their composure and confidence for the next game.

    In other words, the gaffers sacrifices themselves to shift the media focus to them, being bad at blaming others, being the villains, so that the players can be spared from any blame, and guilt, and play better next time. Very intelligent indeed.

    But remember that, Fergie still scolds (yes scold) the players harshly if they don't perform well. Just to galvanise them.

    Now the title is up for grab by 3 top teams, with Man Utd gaining the slight upper hand now, hope it stays on top, till the end.

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    • "Slight upper hand" ???? See you at The Bridge, after Liverpool have warmed you up lol.

      BUt its a funny old game chatting with manc's - when Chelsea only scored 6 by Derby, you lot went mad and said youd score loads more, one idiot even said 11 lol,
      but now youve only scraped by, Derby should of won it in the 76th minute, you lot dont seem to see the relevance of the tie!!

      Man City beat you, we stuffed them. We put 6 by derby, and they hold you to one - if Chelsea and Man Utd were hhorses in a race, youd read the form, and back Chelsea. Premiership winners 2008.
      No team has ever won it 3 times in 4 years. Until now.
      But Liverpool will make or break youre season