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  • Once again our away fans were superb, none of the players came close to being as good.

    Should/could of been 5-0 up within the first 15 minutes, typically, from not finishing our chances the opposition grows in confidence for their cup final - as always we are a victim of our own success, of being United.

    The two keepers stood out. Carroll stopped Ronaldo from having two hatricks. Foster made two world class saves that show why he is the only choice for England. How important could those two saves be...

    Anyone who wasn't sure how much we rely upon Ferdinand wonder no more. We missed him more than we would have missed any other defender, just for his organizational skills alone.

    All in all it was difficult to watch, but thank f*ck we have the 3 points. Over to you Francenal....

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    • As I said in another thread, its the business end of the season now, and all that matters is getting the three points. It doesnt matter how or in what manner we do it, as long as we get all three!

      We did that today so job done and one more game out the way.

    • Good point about Rio, and it's true, both keepers played brilliantly.

      I was also glad to see that Saha was only injured for a week this time, and got on the pitch for a bit. If his injury periods keep getting shorter, maybe he'll actually manage to play 3 games back-to-back this season ;-)