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    Has Torres blown his chance to play for United?

    I wonder what must be going through this strikers head when he sits at home and thinks about his future at Liverpool.

    Of course he will become a legend at Liverpool if he stays but im very doubtful that he will win the amount of trophys to satisfy his hunger! ( although i question if he has much in the way of ambition) I mean why join a club that has 2 world class players (Gerrard and Carragher) and many average players.

    If joining liverpool was just a convenience thing due to liverpool being managed by a spanish tellytubby then i dont expect Torres to have a long career at Liverpool.

    Ferguson spent alot of time scouting Torres and made several moves in 2006 which were all blocked by Atletico Madrid at the time. Torres never stated he would not join United and made it clear that something would happen but only when his beloved Madrid were better equipped to allow him to leave.

    Surely he must now have realised now that was a huge mistake. Because he will now find it very difficult to leave Liverpool for another English team. At the end of the day goals are good but no one remembers finalists or runners up let alone 4th or 5th place. As another year rolls on without the premiership more pressure mounts and before long another title challenge disappears like a fart in the wind. And all the fans can hold on to is "weve won it 18 times! (funnily enough 18 years ago aswell)

    Going back to Torres surely he would of relished the chance to play alongside Rooney Ronaldo Tevez Nani and players who are young and have massive potential. A midfield that boasts some of the best midfielders around Hargreaves, Carrick and Anderson and a back four that is possibly the best partnership in world football at the moment which Torres has found out only 2 well.

    Instead he has joined a club that is better equipped to win the CL more than the EPL and dont get me wrong i know Liverpool are a handy team in Europe but I dont see them getting past Arsenal and Chelsea in a million years.

    Eventually he will become a great player at an average club. A certain ex England striker springs to mind!!

    In fact having liverpool in the league is proving beneficial for United as its a guarenteed 6 points and 2 clean sheets. Its a shame for Torres that he couldnt show us what we were missing out on as Vidic and Rio were fighting as to whose pocket could they keep in.

    In fact its amazes me that all the liverpool fans think reina cost them the game!! absolutely comical.

    Yes he was poor coming for both of the crosses for the 1st and 2nd goal but the amount of blocks he stopped which prevented certain goals surely made amends for those gols. In fact had it not been for possibly Roanldos goal i think he would of been a contender for MOTM and the result could have been far worse. How fickle these fans are these days!!


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    • Can anybody name the last Liverpool player to sign for United???
      Only one I can name was Sir Matt Busby, and that was before my time...
      Torres to join United???
      Yeah, right, and the Pope is Islamic...


    • Because he didn't want to play for cheats, and in Europe ManU are a small club.

      cluck cluck

    • I hope you're not trying to teach Lester maths. I got him down as a lost cause in that department.

      cluck cluck

    • There will always be a certain amount of "fans" that travel from success to success. There I will agree with you, however, I would assume that number is quite small when compared to the total support of a club.
      In the States there are a lot of English football fans, mostly, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Everton. A lot of these fans, like me, emigrated and stuck with the teams they supported in England.
      The rest support the team they like most for whatever reason. I can see some of these fans jumping ship if their team stopped being successful or if like Fulham there are more Americans in a team. I know a few people who started supporting Fulham because of the American presence. I guess we got a few when Tim Howard joined and some of them some probably now support Everton.

    • Brill, I agree with everything except the the presumption that Torres could actually get into the first team.

    • hey Lester, it doesn't take a fool to work that out, does it? united have 75 million fans most of which have never been anywhere near OT or know Manchester. Sadly the bulk of the followers are just that glory-seeking followers. Most will disappear and join the new trend whichever club is on top when uniteds show is over, fact!

    • No Im not discrediting Glory supporters mick. If you read the threads I am merely saying that it is obvious that the reason why Man united are the most supported club in england, is because they have had the most success in the nineties. In liverpools glory days we were too had all these supporters from other areas and countries because we were winning...simple.

    • Oh i see lester are you using the fact that you had/have a larger ground than us as proof that you always had more supporters than us?

    • I went to every home game when United were in the second division, and although as now the bulk of home support is from the Manchester area there was a fair few from Ireland, Malta, and even Yorkshire!

      The point about the 90s is true of every club - middle-class people generally avoided football matches until that time, although there were the odd few in the seats. But never on the terraces. I went to the game yesterday and the Scouse support had changed from when I was younger and there was definitely a lot of 'Hornby Generation' supporters amongst your lot.

      Football is no longer a working-class game where you support your local team like when I was a kid. I have talked to people who switched from Arsenal to Chelsea, and from United to Chelsea, etc. But with all these people growing up in a post-Thatcherite country where success is everything, it is difficult to even consider the bulk of any EPL teams supporters as diehard fans.

    • Paddy, what is factually incorrect in what I've just said ?.
      It's an incontrovertible fact that more people came to watch Manchester United in the 1974/5 season when we were in the 2nd div than watched any other club in England. That is also true of ever other year bar 1992/3 when the stretford was being rebuilt.
      I was there, so were several others in here. We've had you and rorjac claiming that we'll all revert to being Liverpool fans when your turn comes round again, its rubbish.

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