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  • rory rory Mar 25, 2008 01:07 Flag

    Has Torres blown his chance to play for United?

    But sadly until you have dominated Europe year after year you will never be held in the same esteem as Milan, Real and Liverpool.

    When we were the best in this Country we were THE best in the world.
    You are ONE of the best in the world.

    When we beat Milan in Istanbul of course, we werent the best team in Europe the same as when you won it last, you werent the best team in Europe.

    Admittedly times change, and i hate dragging up history because i like to think im a little different than the Liverpool fans who hide behind past successes.
    But i will defend my Club, as i would expect you to do.
    Also remember it took you 25 years to win the League, weve got a few years to go before we beat that particular record.

    Would love to know how many so called Utd fans on here actually supported Utd before 1992.
    I know a few here that i respect, who talk sense.
    But as we have on our boards, there are alot of fools on here.
    Like i said, nothing lasts forever and any of you who think it does are going to be awfully upset within the next 10 years.

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    • "we werent the best team in Europe the same as when you won it last"
      Unbeaten all season in Europe, knocked out Inter and Juve, played 2 fantastic 6 goals thrillers with Barca, won the title in a fantastic battle with Arsenal and knocked out Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal to win the cup.
      I think that one from Robert "still, you've got a history, it worked for the Egyptians" needs to be resurrected.

    • Ignore this rorjac pillock. He's the type who robs others just so he can get in the ground for free.

      cluck cluck