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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 25, 2008 00:02 Flag

    Soccerlens on Mascerano & Andy Gray

    Think we'll have to agree to disagree.

    I did not see the first Masch booking as a clear cut bookable case. First challenge by the player, with studs deliberatly kept down, is marginal at best, no matter how much Scholes put into the display (bit hard to take as he was lucky himself to not rake Arbeloa with his own studs moments earlier, but got away without even a foul as the Spainish defender was able to jump over the challenge) But as I said, lets agree to disagree.

    I also don't see asking a ref what's happening, as a bookable offense. IMO, if the only way a ref can take control of a player asking him a question, is to card him, I'd say he's got a less than strong grip. But I'll also agree to disagree.

    I did also not see the other bookable fouls you mention. If questionable obstruction against Giggs is a bookable offense at OT, then you really need to make sure you hand out the unique rule book your using to all visiting players. But again, I'll agree to disagree.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of support for your views on this board, but that is often the case in an echo chamber. I'm not trying to use the Masch sending off as an excuse for Liverpools poor performance on Sunday, but should I be surprised that fans who so often compain about the treatment of their own players by refs, now think that the letter of the law was so flawlessly and consistently applied in this case.

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    • You're misrepresenting what happened. As Devon said, Mascherano was in the referee's face repeatedly, and aggressively, swearing at him at every decision. He was warned to be quiet, and given several oppurtunities. I don't know that the other fouls he commited (like on Giggs) were bookable, but they were fouls and free-kicks, and didn't require him to start badgering the ref every time. My flatmate watching the match thought he was acting like he was on drugs, and he certainly was doing a good impression of a coke-head to my eyes (don't worry, I'm not trying to say he's been taking it, just that he was acting like it).

      Point is, if he'd behaved himself better, he probably wouldn't have been carded again for what he did. It may not be bad to ask the referee what's going on, but if you've been telling him to 'f*** off' repeatedly for half an hour, it's the kind of thing that would be the final straw.

    • Exactly dsteer. Inconsistency is the word.
      Im not saying that masch didnt largely bring this on himself but when you watch games and you see the likes of Ashley cole screaming in a refs face (after commiting a serious foul) and not being carded or dealt with by the FA, or wayne Rooney squaring nose to nose with a linesman and not being carded and not being dealt with by the fa , and countless other examples of far worse dissent, you can see that Masch was used as a scapegoat

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      • I'm not pretending our players are saints, and in fact, when Rooney goes off at officials I always want to scream at him that he's going to get himself into trouble. When he got sent off in Europe for sarcastically applauding the ref, I and every United fan I know thought he deserved it, and just regretted that he hadn't kept his head.

        However, he's got better, which isn't to say he never talks back, we all know he does, but when was the last time you saw him consistently wind up an official as Mascherano did in the period between his yellows? Rooney is starting to find the balance between aggression and control as he matures, and hell, maybe Mascherano will as will, but he fell well short of it on Sunday, and that's no scape-goating.

      • Dsteer you should watch the game again. I thought he would have gone off for dissent for the first booking. The challenge warranted a yellow card. There's no arguing that and he was using the f bombs as he walked away after getting cautioned.

        I was watching the game with a bunch of friends both United and Liverpool supporters. We all agreed that Mascherano was a ticking time bomb. We even suggested that he wanted to get sent off deliberately.

        When he ran to the ref all two of the liverpool fans shouted at the tele knowing he was going to get sent off when he ran to the ref. One of them went out straight away as he couldn't bear to watch it.

        Jaime Redknapp as well agrees with the majority of the people that watched the game. Mascherano should have known better.