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  • Lester Lester Mar 25, 2008 21:33 Flag

    What makes you support Man United ?

    The lad next door threatened to punch my lights out if I dared support City. I cant put into words how much I owe that boy.

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    • Born into it. My Grandfather came to Manchester in the 60's and settled in Salford. He worked on the docks and told me how in the canteen everywhere there were pictures of the Busby Babes who had died in the Munich air disaster and how the other workers told him how great that side was. He became a supporter and made sure my Dad followed suit when he was born and my Dad made sure I never made the mistake of trying to support Citeh. My Dad took me to my first game in 1984. Robbo became my hero and I've supported the Red Devils ever since.

    • Started supporting the club in late 92 when i was 13....watched the first game with my elder brother. Been a supporter since. Joined the Malaysian M.U.F.C fan club in late 96.