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  • devilgal_91 devilgal_91 Mar 26, 2008 03:43 Flag

    What makes you support Man United ?

    I support Manchester United in honour of my nana who was born in Manchester. Also red is my favourite colour!!

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    • and a supporter since 1991.

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      • I am really annoyed about the fact that people keep going on about Utd supports coming from all over the country. I was originally born in London then lived in Northampton before a spell in Cornwall and now Spain. I married a Chorley girl before we divorced and have been to old trafford a dozen or so times. What difference does it make where you are from. My home team is Crystal Palace and I have seen them as much as I have seen Utd. I am 40 years old and have supported Man Utd since I was 5. At the time all my mates supported Liverpool because they were the top team. I don't think it cares where you come from just whether you are dedicated to your club. I have travelled from Cornwall to see the Reds and I will travel from Spain when I get the chance to watch the mighty reds. Please remember we are not the only club that has international support,and the post code where you are born is not a guide to who you support. I have been to Anfield with friends and they have a lot of dutch and belguim fans so don't shout about the postal codes of united supporters.

      • Started in about 1975 aged 7. Remember watching us lose the 76 Cup Final with german measles. (But win it the following year!) Folks were from Altrincham but I grew up in Kent. (In those days- as now - there were no First Div or premiership clubs in Kent). Dad was a city supporter but his brother was a season ticket holder at OT who took me to my first game in 1978 against Spurs (at spurs). Beat them 3-1. As far as I recall Greenhoffs played along with Buchan, Stepney Macari, Coppell, Hill, Pearson, Albiston. Hill scored the third. Still got the programme somewhere.
        The 1980's were cr*p - best forgotten.
        Most memorable game for me - being at Selhurst Park to see Becks score from his own half.
        Happy days.

    • Shall we do it at your place gal?