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    What makes you support Man United ?

    Since there are many threads where posters are being accused of glory seeking, I thought I should post a new thread to discuss this topic, to find why some people support Man United, is it the recent achievements of Man United that makes you become a united supporter or a long forgotten Great Grandma that you recently discover resided near Old Trafford that tips you over the edge to become a supporter too?

    What are yours?

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    • W3hat makes me support United?

      1. Attractive football that produces results.
      2- Oodles of fighting spirit.
      3. Lots of really talented players like Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Rooney, Tevez, Nani, Anderson, etc
      4. Has one of the graetest managers in the hostory of football ever in Sir Alex Ferguson
      5. Good blend of Birtsh and foreign talent

    • Came with my dad to see the 1966 WC finals. Was stationed in Manchester, although the finals were played in Wembley. Been in love with Utd since then.

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      • Born in the Firswood area of Stretford, half a mile from OT. Dad, and Mum's family all reds. Saw first match just after Munich. Its just in the blood.
        Travelled around S.E. Asia last month or so. Doesn't matter who you talk to, taxi drivers, shop assistants, hotel porters etc etc as soon as they know your originally from Manchester the conversation automatically goes to United. Was up the Petronas Towers in KL and the guide just stopped his talk and told with total pride when he went on the 'pilgrimage' to OT.
        Along with Madrid and Juve , United have the biggest world wide following, why? I think its because they have always played 'risk' football, trying to combine the team game with the desire to let the outstanding individual shine. They have always had more than their fair share of 'glamour' players ( even in the dark days of the 70s and 80s). They entertain, they somehow enrich people's lives all round the world, and its not just about winning things.

    • My West Ham supporting father dressed me up as a Georgie Best look alike complete with my mothers black wig in the early 70's for a fancy dress competition and it stuck since then. I remember the 1974 relegation, the southampton 1976 cup final , the arsenal 3-2 cup final loss , the hammering by Ipswich in the late 70's and despite being the only red in my street I ve stuck with them since. !!

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      • I arrived in the UK late 1991 for my postgraduate studies and have since returned home more than a decade go.

        Why I am crazy utd fan, definitely Cantona had a lot to do with it, gigs, beckam and more importantly SAF policies had a lot to do with it.

        Someone mentioned why a lot of people follow utd in the Nineties well probably SAF gave Utd a new identity, playing the best football, breeding the best talent.

        All I know is that like million all over the world, and thousands of kms away, utd have come to represent some thing very important in our lives. Following Utd over the telly, the net, downloading goals and watching them over and over again and following the news is a key moment in every one day.

        True utd fans if they live for eternity and a day will never forget UTD Magic Moments
        Catona Liverpool final goal
        Gigs Arsenal Semi final goal
        (my favourite)

        And the list goes on and on

    • Used to visit my eldest brother studying at the Uni there in mid sixties. He had a flat in Rusholme(? spelling) just across the park from City's ground - rough area nowadays I'm led to believe. Coming from Sri Lanka to start school in England, I had never played football & knew not a lot about it (still don't may be!), one day got bored and decided to do what most kids did on a Saturday afternoon and went to see United. Best, Law & Charlton should be 3 good enough reasons - David Herd another favourite. Soon became hooked & after that anytime I was there and there was a game I'd go. Spent 99% of my life in London and followed them with school chums at all the clubs in London whichever were followed by my friends - no one in my family had an iota of interest in football.

      Dead easy getting in those days - remember once at a mid-week game at WHLane, as the gates were full we walked around the ground trying to interpret the crowds' cheers & finally got in for free at half time when they opened the gates to let the disabled come & go. Spurs too had a fantastic side then.

      As for a reason to continue after Best & Co, it was probably the Matt Busby thing of WINNING WITH STYLE & GLORY! So I must be one of many glory hunters.

    • I went to a school that played rugby and cricket and I only became aware of football at the time of the 1966 world cup. I started to support United because of Bobby Charlton and have supported them ever since. Contrary to the comment about glory hunters, United were still the best supported club in Britain and had the highest aggregate crowd for the season when they were relegated to the old second division, and throughout the years of Leeds and then Liverpool domination.

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      • To be fair, these other supporters only tend to apply the term to United fans who started to support them post-1992. They might have a point, but it is one that used to apply to Liverpool when I was a schoolkid, and also to Leeds fans, as MUFC didn't have a great decade in the seventies (with the exception of beating Liverpool in the FA Cup final).

        Chelsea has in recent times attracted glory hunters, as has Arsenal (although if Wenger continues to buy 17 year olds for 225 Euros and loses his top players to other clubs, you wonder how long they are going to stick around for?).

        The thing with MUFC is that we are probably (with the possible exception of Newcastle), the only team that could lose all its non-local support and still fill the ground.

    • In 1981...as a 10 year old boy I supported Tottenham, mainly because they won the FA Cup and had Ossie Ardilles playing for them.

      I went to White Hart Lane in the 81-82 season to watch Spurs v Man Utd - (like Kal C, I was a big fan of Bryan Robson when he was at West Brom) - when I saw him and other Utd players in the famous shirt I changed teams. I came back from White Hart Lane with a Man Utd scarf, mirror, badge and flag. Never looked back since. I loved the red devil too.

    • I saw manchester winning the CUP on television, then win the european cup winners cup the year after. Sterted to learn about the club, and became a fan.

      I didnot became a fan because they were winning, but because of the stadium atmosphere, and the way they played.

      I am a Manchester fan and I will always stay a manchester fan. I will never jump ship, even if we do not win a title for the next years.

      I truly respect others club real supporters, and I do not respect the one jumping from a winning club to another one.

    • Good thread, as Man Utd fans as alwys being called glory hunters. Personally I've supported them since 1970. I was 4 at the time and George Best was all the rage and my hero. Although I was born in Chelsea, because of Bestie, I've always loved United, though it frustates me when people say Man.Utd fams are mostly glory hunters as I remember the 70's, when we went down to the second division and had those leans years.

      I think its difficult to tell who the real fans are. Probably the real fans are those who have supported the their teams through the bad times as well as good.

    • I support Manchester United in honour of my nana who was born in Manchester. Also red is my favourite colour!!

    • I support United coz Bryan Robson was a major hero of mine. I was more into England as a youngster but got into United coz he played for them.

      Ryan Giggs emergence sealed the deal, what a player he was.

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      • It started when i was 4 in 1994. I had seen my dad watching United on the tele and he started talking to me about the players and everything. That was when i was 3. When i was 4 and understood the rules of the game fully, i watched every game me and my dad could on the tele if they showed the matches.

        There wasn't cable in my country till i was 6 or 7 and that's when i started watching every game. Watching the class of 92 mature was really awesome and even though we had some rough patched when Wenger came along, I still stood by the team and thank god i did not jump ship like those fickled minded fans,

        I've not been to Old Trafford or England for that matter but it's still a joy to watch United play even though it's on a tv screen rather than being part of the crowd cheering United on.

        If i had a choice i most certainly would pick the second one.

        Anyways is it true that Old Trafford is very quiet?
        I was watching the United and pool game on the tele and for the ealry part of the match all i could hear was " You'll never walk alone" from the crowd.

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