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    What makes you support Man United ?

    Since there are many threads where posters are being accused of glory seeking, I thought I should post a new thread to discuss this topic, to find why some people support Man United, is it the recent achievements of Man United that makes you become a united supporter or a long forgotten Great Grandma that you recently discover resided near Old Trafford that tips you over the edge to become a supporter too?

    What are yours?

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    • This is what I posted in another thread...

      I started when Cantona joined.
      Thats a long time now and I get more passionate about it every year. I don't feel like a glory hunter and I also will still be here if we ever stop winning.
      For me it's about the teams mentality, the never give up attitude.
      I stayed in Manchester for 3 years Monday to Friday for work. I was living in Bedfordshire. I was fortunate enough to go to Old Trafford 3 times.
      I really don't care what people say, I am a Manchester United fan and will be for the rest of my life.

    • The lad next door threatened to punch my lights out if I dared support City. I cant put into words how much I owe that boy.

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      • Born into it. My Grandfather came to Manchester in the 60's and settled in Salford. He worked on the docks and told me how in the canteen everywhere there were pictures of the Busby Babes who had died in the Munich air disaster and how the other workers told him how great that side was. He became a supporter and made sure my Dad followed suit when he was born and my Dad made sure I never made the mistake of trying to support Citeh. My Dad took me to my first game in 1984. Robbo became my hero and I've supported the Red Devils ever since.

      • Started supporting the club in late 92 when i was 13....watched the first game with my elder brother. Been a supporter since. Joined the Malaysian M.U.F.C fan club in late 96.

    • I put my reasons in one of those other threads, but i'd like to add that United are a unique club. I think Munich is part of that, the fact that the club is built on equal parts tragedy and glory, it gives adifferent mentality. I wish I could track down the Busby quote, a kind of reply to the famous 'football's more important than life' one, where he gave a brilliant reply, clearly from the perspective of a man who loved football, but who had felt heartbreak too (anyone have it? I tried googling and searching for it many times, but there's no trace of it). Every time Sir bobby talks about the Busby babes and '68, the emotion he has strike you to your core, and I just don't see stuff like that with other clubs.

      I also think Fergie's long reign has given the club much more of a family atmosphere, and people who've passed through, as players or back-room staff all seem to have a unique reaction to the club.

      Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, but the recent threads just got my mind mullng over these topics.

    • I was brought up about 2 miles from OT. I lived on Ayres Rd, just on the other side of Old Trafford train station. Both parents were reds, grandparents were reds, in fact my entire family were (and still are) reds. My cousin used to take me to all the games when I was younger and I started going on my own from about '85 or '86.

    • Born into it. My family would have disowned me if I had supported Man City. I do have one cousin who supports City though (he was always the thick one at school)...

      Weirdly as a little kid at infant school I always wanted to be John Aston, rather than George Best. I still think Aston is one of United true greats.

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      • When I watched Utd in London, the Utd fans used to boo Aston & simultaneously at Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea fans used to boo Peter Houseman. Aston had the last laugh though, did pretty well (understatement) in the European Cup Final.

        But Best was the man everyone talked about, even all the opposition fans on tubes and trains. Everyone was sh*t scared of what he might do to their team. He never let me down every time I was at the Bridge. Memories of Best disappearing into the haze on his mazy dribbles followed by the avalanche of toilet rolls flying after the goal is something I'll never forget.

    • Been a united fan since 1957 when the Busby babes were becomin prominent.Got to know about them whilst at Technical school were i played the game,not very well might i add.

    • Supported the Red Devils since class one in 1961.We had this teacher who prefered girls over boys in our class and really liked pool of course hated The Devils.Made all the boys like The Devils never changed since.Am Kenyan

    • I grew up in south east england, and became a United fan after watching George Best put on one of his usual dazzling displays of football.
      Although i have been a life long United fan, i stopped following football for a number of yrs when my family moved to Canada in 75 and i discoverd that football coverage here was non existant, other than the world cup...
      Today, with better TV coverage, and easy access to all sports via the internet, i am once again able to follow the team i grew up watching...

      Just for the record...I have never been to Manchester, or seen United play live, but it is on my list of things to do should i make it back to england one day........

    • I support United coz Bryan Robson was a major hero of mine. I was more into England as a youngster but got into United coz he played for them.

      Ryan Giggs emergence sealed the deal, what a player he was.

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      • It started when i was 4 in 1994. I had seen my dad watching United on the tele and he started talking to me about the players and everything. That was when i was 3. When i was 4 and understood the rules of the game fully, i watched every game me and my dad could on the tele if they showed the matches.

        There wasn't cable in my country till i was 6 or 7 and that's when i started watching every game. Watching the class of 92 mature was really awesome and even though we had some rough patched when Wenger came along, I still stood by the team and thank god i did not jump ship like those fickled minded fans,

        I've not been to Old Trafford or England for that matter but it's still a joy to watch United play even though it's on a tv screen rather than being part of the crowd cheering United on.

        If i had a choice i most certainly would pick the second one.

        Anyways is it true that Old Trafford is very quiet?
        I was watching the United and pool game on the tele and for the ealry part of the match all i could hear was " You'll never walk alone" from the crowd.

    • I support Manchester United in honour of my nana who was born in Manchester. Also red is my favourite colour!!

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