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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Mar 27, 2008 23:44 Flag

    List Them

    Gareth Barry was one of the more consistent performers in that euro qualifying campaign. Stevie G was a no show.

    Downing impressed me with some of his runs but his crossing was a dissapointment. The same could be said about Ashley Cole.

    Brown for me shouldn't be in the starting XI. He can tackle but his crossing is poor. He played without pride or passion unlike a certain David Beckham who although didn't play his best match, he was one of the better performers.

    Bentley coming on didn't do much with his pace or his crossing. It was an awkward second half performance from England. We can be thankful that there was no Benzema.Henry,Veira,Ben Arfa or the other skillful players to cause havock.

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