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    Well Played -- Park Ji-Sung

    it's good to see Park Ji-Sung playing again and giving 100% a master stroke by SAF for playing him tonight just what the boss ordered and he delivered

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    • He did well with the assist but very little else.
      There's no doubting his commitment to the team, his eagerness to track back and never-say-die attitude to win the ball BUT he is in no way shape or form a Manchester United player. He's simply not good enough!

      He has some skill but no strength on the ball. If he could bulk up, he'd be a much better player.
      I'm fed up of seeing him in great positions and getting brushed aside far too easily.
      Get in the gym or get on the transfer list!

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      • That's terribly harsh, Spalletti is quoted as saying he was the difference between the two teams. He probably didnt even realise he was playing till the warm up.
        I'd like to think thats the last time we have to go to Rome, ever. But it's the final next year also ;).

        Either way, and OK they had a couple of chances, especially the one for the center back at the start of the 2nd half, but there is no doubt now. The Italians are terrified of getting English opposition, I still think Everton were desperately unlucky.