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    Hi there! - A new Soccer member form LA

    First thing first, I'm a new soccer member on this forum and I'd like 2 introduce myself to y'all. My real name is Pete Klass, a Los Angeles resident, USA.

    Really, not much to write home about, I dropped out of High School in my sophomore year at an early age due to family reasons, I've since been schooled at the University of Life where I've managed to pick up many useful skills including learning to never play by the rules, in other words if you can't beat them - CHEAT!

    I'm an anti-establishment believer, very combative no nonsense person and don't take bullsh*ts from anyone. BTW, I voted against George W. Bush and all that he stood for in the last election and can't wait to kick his a*se out of the White House in November.

    My main hobby is playing guitar and composing music for commercial recording artistes. I'm also the lead guitarist of a band I formed in LA recently.

    While shuffling through the previous threads I came across several remarks by some posters stating that Ian Robert Harris loves Lift music, hey bros! I'd love to meet with ya during my UK tour and get down on it, y'know what I'm saying?

    Furthermore I was introduced to soccer by my English girlfriend 3 terms ago and I've being really hooked on it ever since, I love the passion and high tempo of your soccer games and now support you guys and also Aston Villa due to Randy Lerner connection.

    I've never been to the UK before but you guys can catch me up at the Hammersmith Apollo later this month where my band is scheduled to play 2 gigs there, while in the UK I'll like to watch the Man United v Arsenal game but cant get a ticket through the official means, I'm just wondering if you guys can help me arrange 3 tickets for game. I've tried to get it via the Man United site but unsuccessful.

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