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  • Dave Dave Apr 3, 2008 02:43 Flag

    last nights game

    A few things following last night's game:

    1. I felt embarassed for Martin Tyler and whoever was commenting with him last night (Ray Houghton??) - the Ronaldo and Man Utd love-in was nauseating and cringeworthy, made me want to press the mute button;

    2. Man Utd are a bunch of average players with one or two form players (Rio, Vidic and Ronaldo). Scholes (past his best), Anderson (not done much), Carrick, Brown, Van der Sar, Park, O'Shea and co are nothing special, and I reckon man for man both Liverpool and Chelsea have better players. However, I think what sets United apart is that Ferguson is a great manager (top, top manager) and he has made the whole better than the parts.

    3. United have benefitted from a generally gutless Premier League - Liverpool constantly underperforming, Arsenal fading and Chelsea poorly managed (and still hanging onto second thanks to some good players).

    4. United have had an easy ride so far in Europe and will not win it.
    Either Chelsea or Liverpool will.

    5. Comparing United's win over Roma to Arsenal's over AC Milan is rubbish (just as it would be comparing Liverpool's win over Inter). Roma are weak in Europe and, like United, are doing well in their league thanks to all around them underperforming. While AC have been weak in the Italian League they are European giants (unlike United) and have always managed to perform in that arena - Roma and Inter never have, and so their losses where to be expected.

    Finally, United fans should enjoy Ronaldo while they can because he won't produce this kind of form next season.

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    • Why so much hate?

      Is it that you realize that footie is a team sport and while your squad is full of superstars, they don't make a team?

      What United have is, is a team through and through. They play as a team and all those bit players you mentioned help elevate the Rooney and Ronaldo's to even a higher level.

      It's funny a funny thing about team sports, it requires a team, not 11 good players thrown together. Who cares one on one if United's players wouldn't match up to Liverpool or Chelsea (though I doubt even that much hold much truth) - what matters is the teams's performance carrying out the managers direction and when you watch United play, its truly the beautiful game.

      As for United having it easy - Look who Chelsea has come up against in these last two rounds. And now they are going home a goal down ...

      Good times, good times.

    • LOL! Why did you bother to write SO much Josecomeback? Your entire post could have been summed up in three little words: I AM JEALOUS.

    • 1. It makes a change from hearing the Arsenal and Chelsea love-ins we usually get.

      2. Average? lol. Take Drogba, Terry and Lampard out and Chelsea would be mid-table at best. Torres, Gerrard and Carragher ARE at Liverpool and they can barely keep their heads above mid-table mediocrity! yes, Fergie's great. The game is about TEAMS not individuals.

      3. Gutless? What are you on? The closest league title in years!

      4. Yes, Lyon and Roma 3 times (so far) is very weak, you nonce!

      5. Roma weak in Europe? Didn't they just beat Real Madrid, a European GIANT, in the last round? Try checking the facts before making bullshit comments!

      Yes, I'm sure Ronaldo won't keep up this form next year. He didn't carry his form from last year ... he got MUCH BETTER!

    • my god, did ronaldo sleep with your mum or something? let it go you sad bastard.

      btw, enjoy drogba while you can, because he's fucking off in the summer. but its ok, you have the goal machine that is claudio pizarro.

      i really enjoy when someone hates United that much that they make up bollocks and limp predictions, sprinkled with bitterness and resentment.