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  • John S John S Apr 11, 2008 19:52 Flag

    United in the CL

    Another interesting piece on United from Martin Samuel:


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    • The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes, even if a team deserves to win a competition, they don't. No matter how talented your squad is, you always (ALWAYS!) need a little bit of luck to go all the way. A very good example is our game against Pompey in the FA Cup Quarter-Final this year. We dominated the game from start-to-finish. Created chance after chance after chance. And yet we ended up losing. That's football in a nutshell. We played brilliantly against Roma the other night. Created many chances in the first 20 mins and could/should have been 2 or 3 goals up. But what happened? Totally against the run of play Roma got a pen and could have been 1-0 up. Who knows what would have happened if De Rossi had scored? I think many people will agree we are currently the best team in all of Europe. But that doesn't guarantee the CL trophy. Let's just hope that this is our year.

    • "The strangest thing about Manchester United’s season is that it could still end in tears. Not for a title gone astray, because there is no way this team can surrender pole position in the Barclays Premier League now. "

      I wish I was as confident as that in the title!! We've won nothing yet, and there are massive games coming up.

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      • Yeah, and Samuel is a West Ham fan, so it isn't that he is biased in our favour. If we do lose the title now, we will have blown it pure and simple.

        The CL being a Cup competition can be a bit more unpredictable (bad day at the office, etc), but really we will have underachieved if we don't do the EPL & CL double.

    • United can't afford to let this opportunity slip. We are undoubtedly the best in Europe this year so we need to prove it and finish the job - bring home the double.

      Theres no excuse this season, unlike last where the squad was smaller.

      It would be an absolute travesty if we threw away the league or let an injury ravaged Barcelona knock us out, or worse, an inferior English club.