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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Apr 14, 2008 16:05 Flag

    Did Ronaldo stop......

    ....during his run-up to either penalty?

    A simple question, seeking honest, objective (not blinkered) opinion.

    Looked very much like it to me.

    And I think you have to ask yourself why players would be caught encroaching for the first penalty if the taker hadn't baulked the way he did.

    I have several Manc mates who honestly think Ronaldo's technique is very questionable. Lehmann didn't flinch during his run up, which I think is why Ronaldo stopped the way he did. He usually get's clues from the keeper when he slows down during his run up, but not yesterday.

    Still, that said - you got the result in a great game. Probably not completely deserved, but that's how titles are won. Hat's off.

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