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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Apr 15, 2008 18:25 Flag

    Violet Elizabeth Gallas

    It does even out, more often than not.

    We may have been gifted two points in that Everton game, but we were robbed of two against the Chavs at Anfield!

    There's just no point pissing and moaning about it, cos we could go on like this forever.

    And as has been pointed out on this thread already, @rsenal's slump towards the end of this season is not down to bad luck in one or two games. It is more than that. One win in eight games.

    I could piss and moan about luck as well, blaming the off-field distractions at my club for undermining our performance in the league. You harp on about refereeing decisions when you talk about luck, but it doesnt stop there does it? There's just no point trying to blame luck, because noone how far it reaches. It's all just opinion. And an excuse.