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  • sticker sticker Apr 18, 2008 22:35 Flag

    United! Prepared for GLORY!!

    Crucial games coming ahead. Now it's the moment of truth.

    A must win one. 2-0 or 3-1 is the target.

    Barcelona 1st leg
    At least a draw, better still with one or two away goals.

    Draw is good if winning the Blackburn game. Personally suggest, beat the hell out of them!

    Barcelona 2nd leg
    No need to say, kill them off once and for all!

    Merit points of MU:
    Creating lots of chances all this time. Defending very well. Playing consistently well. Team spirit and confidence are high (the renewal of contracts etc showing it) .Lots of talents and potential in the team, abundant with experienced veterans and rising stars. Cooperation and coordination of whole team "clicking".

    But mindful (towards MU) :
    Never let any possible under-par result undermine the confidence and spirit. Keep a low profile. Be calm and cool down all the time, off and on the pitch, in front of goals, when going behind the opponents during games. Be careful all times. Stay focused and relax at the same time.

    I personally think, being cool and calm down is the most important factor for a team. Coolness helps players relax, helps turn things around, turn a below-par performance into a spirited one, unleash a talented player's potential, and produce a stunning performance.

    Go for it, United.

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