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    Surely NOT a last twist in the title race

    It looks Chelsea will win the title the way things are shaping up.

    United fixtures
    Wigan (away)
    West Ham (home)
    Chelsea (away)

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    • You're the one who needs to post your crap elsewhere OT7, at least they don't pretend to be United supporters.

    • Things turned out that,

      if we beat Chelsea, we are champ.
      If Chelsea beat us, they still need help somewhere else.
      if it's a tie, we only need one win in remaining 2 games to clinch regardless what Chelsea do.

      No matter how you look at this, we are in the driving seat.

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      • Agree.

        Chelsea need to win at Stanford Bridge.
        MU need a win or a draw, if draw it is, a win in either one of the next 2 games will do.
        Now we can see, who is desperate?

        The one who is not desperate can take advantage of the desperate one.

        A win for MU is not possible at Stanford Bridge?
        Not at all.
        The players (MU) know, if they win at Stanford Bridge, they win the league. And at the same time, they know they are not desperate, they can afford a draw, and win the next game.
        Which mean, MU will fight it hard to win, and bear in mind a draw is not bad after all, which help them to relax and calm down, which in turn can happen to produce one hell of a great performance on that game, just wait and see.

        The Blackburn game, MU are a little desperate, but they will learn from it, which is not bad after all, learn to be cool and calm down next time.

        With the Chelsea game, MU will learn to be careful not to concede a goal and going behind, just like the Blackburn game. If they can do that, everything will be going as plan, if they concede unfortunately, CALMNESS is always the best remedy for this bleak situation. Calm down, you can push and fight all your hearts and give a bit of urgency, but calm down all the time.
        The BEST performance will always come from calmness, not desperation or heat.

        Another thing is, other teams always pressure the better team so as to break their rhythm, causing them to make mistakes.
        I think, the remedy is, learn from the Spartans (no joke XD ), if they want to pressure you and take the ball from you, tell them:"Come and get them".
        Use a bit of skill, to lure them tackle your legs instead of the ball, let them offer you a bunch of freekicks.

        A little bit of advice from a anonymous (me) won't hurt.^_^

      • put it this way if chelsea beat you and you draw one game out of the 2 remaining, its chelsea,s title i can see them losing there last 2 games, but i can see utd drawing with wigan or westham . i watrched the game today and utd looked dog tired at the end, you now have to travel to spain and then play a hard game on wednesday and travel back and only have 2 days rest before you play chelsea away. i def think its advantage chelsea.

    • chelsea fixtures
      united (h)
      newcastle (a)
      bolton (h)

      hardly easy.