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  • Platoson Platoson Apr 20, 2008 10:04 Flag

    Fergie should speak to Rooney

    Although he did have a fairly good game (despite missing a couple of one on one chances) I think Fergie should have a word with Rooney.

    He was unfortunately denied a clear penalty being fouled in the box, but when the decision was not given, not only did he swear at the ref, but ran after a Blackburn defender and hacked him down with a wild two footed challenge.

    My heart almost fell out of my mouth as I could not believe what I was seeing. Luckily the ref did not show him a red card (which he deserved) but in another game, ie Barcelona or Chelsea, he might not be so lucky.

    I love Wayne for the fact that he always gives 100% in every game, even when he was still a teen at Everton, but he has got to learn to channel his aggression into his game, and when the decisions go against, to just get on with the game rather than complain or react.

    I remember in the past when Keano (who was one of our all time greats) got sent off a couple times in his career to get even with someone who gave him a bad tackle which I thought was stupid as it always meant the team suffered. This was why I always rated Robbo as better than Keane, as Captain Marvel would never have done something so stupid. The team must always come first, not stupid personal vendettas!

    Wayne Rooney is one of the most naturally talented English players in the game today, but until he can learn to channel his aggression totally in his game, (not swearing at refs or putting in wild challenges) he will never be as great as he can be, because opposing defenders will always know how to get the better of him by fouling him or winding him up.

    So Fergie please talk to Wayne before he goes and do something silly in a big game. We all still remember the world cup game vs Portugal.

    PS. Great result yesterday, the lads showed the same old 'never say die' attitude that has served us so well in the past. A great performance!

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    • I'm sure he has already... SAF is not the man to let this type of behavior go in one of his players.
      In all fairness Rooney must have been on something yesterday, he was really flirting with disaster and the argument could be made that he could and should have been sent off, either for the tackle on Samba, or his behavior towards the referee.
      He seemed to smarten up a little after halftime, I hink SAF must have spoken to him about it, but I htought he might have talked himself into the book after his collision with Nelson.
      Could have been a disaster to lose him for the next 3 games - and I think those implications might have influenced the referees response. Fair - no. Lucky - YES!!!
      I was really frustrated with his finishing tho - he scores so few goals considering the all good positions he works himself into! If he could just finish 50% I bet you he would have 30 goals this year... :(

    • Yes, he was lucky not to be sent off. His retaliation was reminiscent of the Crouch flying karate kick that got him sent off at Chelsea earlier in the season. If he had gone, as well as missing the last three league games it may be that Man U would have lost yesterday.

      The original incident was interesting. It looked like his left foot should have had a penalty and his right foot a yellow card. The Blackburn defender slid in and pushed out his left foot. Rooney decided he wanted a penalty but he was still standing so rectified this by lifting his right foot off the ground, about half an hour after the collision, and falling over. It looked ridiculous. If Stiles didn't think it was a penalty why did he not book Rooney? Presumably he wasn't sure about the penalty so let it go.

      Rooney obviously needs to be more convincing in a penalty dive. He should watch the master, Ronaldo, and practice with him. In the second half Ronaldo runs into the box after the ball and as a defender arrives his arms go up, his feet stop working and down he goes, appealing for a penalty. Watch it again in slow motion and you see his arms go up and his feet stop before any contact with the defender, if indeed there was any contact, which I couldn't see. Rooney needs to anticipate the time of expected contact better to be more convincing if he wants to go down like that.


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      • I won't argue about the 'left foot penalty, right foot yellow' comment. I can't help thinking Rooney heard some of the crappy comments about his denied penalty a few weeks back (Liverpool, I think), where one of the commentators actually criticised him for staying on his feet and not looking for the penalty, despite being fouled. In this case, he definitely was fouled, but also went looking for it. Maybe he should get some advice on diving off his Chelsea teammates next time England meet up ;-)

        As for the Ronaldo one, seeing the incident in slo-mo as you suggest, it looks like his arms go up as he's tackled to me, and as for 'his feet stop working', it looks like he's got a defender's legs wrapped around them (although he does get the ball, so I'm happy with a penalty not being given), so you might choose to see it your way, I couldn't possibly comment. As for not seeing contact, well Arsene, I don't know if your tape skipped, because it looked like it to me.

        Of course, both of us would probably swear blind we're being objective with this, while insisting the other's just horribly biased because of team loyalties. Shall we just skip that part of the game and agree to disagree?

      • "Watch it again in slow motion .."

        Do you have it on tape? Of course you don't, and you haven't watched it in slow motion. We've provided you with links before and you never reply, you just slink of until the next pile of shit leaves your mouth.

      • Why do you bother coming over here robert? You're nothing but a shit stirring cunt. Your bollocks about Ronaldo is old and boring, just like you. Fuck off back to the chav board and complain about your team's divers.

    • I agree...

      At times, when things are not going United's or Rooney's way, he gets into this mode where he is lunging at players, bickering with ref.

      Its good he is so passionate for the club, but it will get him into trouble sooner or later.

    • I agree...

      At times, when things are not going United's or Rooney's way, he gets into this mode where he is lunging at players, bickering with ref.

      Its good he is so passionate for the club, but it will get him into trouble sooner or later.