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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Apr 24, 2008 06:05 Flag

    What an anti-climax!

    LOL! Oh yeah for sure. Your matches against Steaua and Slavia were pure Euro entertainment. Get out of it you southern fairy!! A couple of good wins against a pathetic Sevilla (I believe they have now lost 14 games in La Liga) and an over-the-hill Milan (what are they, 5th in Serie A now?) doesn't make you world beaters. ALL the pundits agree the two best teams in Europe this season are Man Utd and Barca. End of.

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    • Arsenal actually lost one of their group stage games against a "pathetic" Sevilla!

      Liverpool and Chelsea have also suffered defeats to supposedly inferior opposition in this season's CL, whereas United still remain unbeaten.

      The game was not particularly exciting last night, but we still got a decent result. I suppose, just as Liverpool have had the aberration of one exciting game this season, we have had to have one dull-as-ditchwater one amongst our many exciting games. What I am saying is that it is OK to be a bit boring once in a while, but to do it every week like Liverpool...no thanks.

    • Best team? united ?

      raj, you need to take off the blinkers first. fyi, best team don't park the team bus in front of the goalkeeper, best team always rise to the occasion not put 10 men behind the bal for 90 minutes.