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  • rory rory Apr 27, 2008 16:29 Flag


    "Supported Liverpool since 1976, eh? Didn't have a club until you were ten years old? I am probably correct in assuming you are not from Liverpool then, as surely you would have been brought up with a team rather than choosing to support them at precisely the time Liverpool were becoming England's top team, and the whole country started supporting them. But, of course, that isn't Glory Hunting, is it?"

    All kids like teams that are winning i agree.
    However, my brothers girlfriend, a scouser, took me to Liverpool when i was 10, stayed with her family, went to the match, did the tour. Can still remember the goals....brilliant weekend. Stuck with them ever since. Been alot of good times but also alot of bad times. Dont get to Anfield as often as i would like because, as you probably know, this country penalises people that work. Because i work for a living i usually havent got alot of money to spend on footie.